Who is this kid?

Who is this kid in my house? This big kid, with words and ideas of his own, and specific preferences? Boo, in the past two days, has blossomed like crazy. He's seriously talking up a storm, saying words I didn't know he knew how to say, learning colors and shapes, his vowels, numbers. He talks nonstop, and then sings in between his talking. He's more animated than ever, and let me tell ya, he was animated before but now...watch out! He loves the number two, because he now loves to have two of everything. That way, he can hold one of whatever (ball, binky, book, cup) in each hand, look at them back and forth and say "Two!" Now granted, he's not ready for preschool or anything, but he's just mind-boggled me and my hubby. You would watch him and probably say, "yeah, so what? normal kid." We stare at him like he's an alien that invaded our baby's body. It's an incredibly fun and amazing time, but so surreal.

Like my new blog header, by the way? Thanks to my hubby for fixing my mistakes and making it look better. If you look closely, you can see me in one of the itsy bitsy photos.


chichimama said...

Awww. It's so fun to see them grow up, even when it is disconcerting!

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Zephra said...

I see you...

I love it when they start to blossom like that. It is almost like they are becoming their own little person and not just your baby.

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Valerie said...

I love the new header!

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Bridgermama said...

I actually think he may be a genius! Just like my Baby B. Actually, he does sound very smart. I love the fact that you and your hubby are so intrigued by him, it warms the heart.
love the new header, and your eye in the photo looks fabulous!

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Kristen said...

The new header is great and boy, do we have a talker here too! What happened to the little baby girl?

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