Boo man talking, Elmo peeing & the jungle party

Boo is a little man now. He's talking up a storm. Like, really talking. Sure sometimes you have to listen really closely to get that he's saying "time to go, go get two shoes, put on my coat, let's go now, bye bye doggie!" but hubby and I understand him and it's freaking me out. Does this mean he's going to start talking back to us soon? Right now his little sentences are all fun, happy sentences. I'll live in this happy dreamworld perfect kid bubble for a little bit before it bursts into tantrum world, if you don't mind. :)

Boo has been especially attached to his stuffed pals lately. Little Elmo and Doggie are his favorites, but sometimes he tackles bear with a hug (huh, bear hug, funny) and lets Mr Little Duck play with the others. Today he decided that Elmo was going pee pee. He kept pointing to where Elmo would have a penis (do Elmos have penises?) and saying "pee pee. Elmo pee pee." So I asked him if he wanted to take Elmo to his potty, and he did. He set Elmo right in there and said "Elmo pee pee!" and then he proceeded to sit on Elmo since apparently HE was actually going pee pee. I had to kindly explain that we don't pee on our friends (unless they are bitten by jellyfish a la an episode of Friends), so he took Elmo out of the potty. And then put Doggie in the potty. And then sat on Doggie. This potty training stuff can be pretty amusing.

So hubby and I have decided to have a jungle theme, since Boo is in love with the first full-feature movie he has ever seen (and the only so far): Madagascar. I'm psyched. Monkeys everywhere. Bananas for everyone. Lions hiding in the bushes. A watering hole (aka his kiddie pool) within the jungle. So freakin excited. I also think my husband picked this theme because he secretly wants it for his birthday, which is just a few days before Boo's birthday. The invitations are going to be banana bunches. I'm making a CD with jungle music and ambient noise to rock our surround sound. Of course, this is all in my head. We'll see how much actually happens.


kj said...

That sounds fabulous!

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Kristen said...

I have to agree ~ I jungle party rocks!

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Nicole said...

My son loves Madagascar, too. I was thinking of having that theme for his birthday. Your ideas sound great (I may have to steal some!)

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Dave said...

Oh man, I thoroughly enjoyed the Elmo peeing paragraph.. totally made my day, thanks sis!

Oh yeah, points for the Friends reference too :)

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Priya said...

You will really love the jungle theme...my son was so thrilled with the monkys/jungle theme we did, we left some of the decorations up in his playroom permanently. Monkeys are so much fun. Looking forward to seeing your invitations!

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J's Mommy said...

That's a great idea! I love the jungle theme!

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