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Holy crap! I haven't blogged in five days! I'm super crazy insane freaky busy right now. Boo is sick but in the recovery stage. It's mainly just snot now and a little rash on his cute little face from rubbing away the snot. Still high spirits, still our Boo, except he's not eating as much. Well, except for blueberries, which he just loves.

I know that some folks who read this blog are totally sick of me talking about this, but really, I can't believe his vocabulary progress at this stage! It's such a crazy age! Now he's actually singing all of the words to songs and he'll pull these crazy sentences out of nowhere. Ay carumba. It's too much! So awesome.

I may not post for a while. Big event coming up that I'm working a million hours for on top of my other current jobs and taking care of new an potential clients. It's crazy mad fun and I hope people will understand that with what little spare time I will have, I'd rather spend it with my fabulous family than blogging :) ... watch, now I'll blog everyday. Or not!


Bridgermama said...

You're forgiven. Sometimes a vacation from blogging is a necessity!

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J's Mommy said...

Good luck with all of your projects!

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something blue said...

I just discovered your blog!

Boo is adorable. It's amazing how fast they grasp language. Every day is a new adventure.

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