Random snow storm

We have snow. Sticking. In mid-March. What's up with that? We hardly ever have snow here, let alone this late in the year. Boo LOVES the snow. He held onto his snow inside until it melted in his cold little hands.


Sara said...

It is so funky! Lucy is enjoying looking the snow too. It's a snow day for us because my teacher-husband's school is closed. We are very content here. :)

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Cityslicker Mom said...

you guys had snow?? you must live in the higher elevations?? I saw a little coming down mixed with rain but it only lasted like 30 minutes, and of course it didn't stick.

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Mama M said...

Yeah - it's almost noon and it is still snowing where I am. Woohoo!!!

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Nicole said...

Wow, still snowing. We have snow still sticking to the ground here and it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow. I can't wait to go outside!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Nice picture. Obviously your son just loves the snow - don't most kids?

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Anonymous said...

Would you believe we got snow in SAN JOSE yesterday? Amazing and quite a sight to see! Guess this random snow storm has far-reaching power.

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J's Mommy said...

You got snow and we got sun. Lots of it! Almost 70 degrees!! Makes me yearn for srping!

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