This is Spring? Where is the sunshine? The crisp Spring air on a sunny dry day? Where are the birds chirping and flowers blooming?

Tomorrow is our big event. I'm super stoked. And a wee bit scared. I know I am forgetting something, but what? Alas, the fact that I bought a brand new beautiful Spring dress and Spring green heels for the event should make everything A-OK. Right? Right.

Boo is in love. With many creatures, big and small. Especially Lion, Zebra, Hippo and Giraffe. Hey, those are the same animals that play the main characters in the movie Madagascar! Coincidence? I think not. He's watched the movie a million times now, or at least parts of it. He loves to sing the Move It, Move It song. He brings out all of the animals in one of his jungle animal play sets, lays them all on their sides, and then proceeds to say "goodnight, lion!" "goodnight, zebra!" until he's said goodnight to all of them. He also likes to pretend to feed his animal friends, in particular Big Bird. He asks him, "Juice, Big Bird?" and apparently Big Bird says "Yes, sure! Thanks Boo!" because he then gives Big Bird some juice. Or milk. Or a snack.

Now that he's getting over his cold, he is eating better too. Thank goodness. The boy loves his strawberries and blueberries. Poor peas- they were once In, and now they are Out. Must be sooo Last Season.

What is it with the colds this year? It seems like everyone I know has been sick and for long periods of time, too. I got hit with it and am just starting to feel better tonight.

A new episode of Lost is on tonight. Woohoo!


Cityslicker Mom said...

I think we've had our share of cold viruses in our household this winter (knock on wood)so hopefully we're done for a while. Good luck tomorrow :)

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animalfamily said...

we likes madagascar too, boo!

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Bridgermama said...

I hope your event went spledidly. B is finally getting over his snot factory of a cold. Let's get together when you have the time. Throw out some dates you busy gal!

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~Cathy~ said...

Don'tcha love this age?! Their imaginations are soooooo freakin' creative! My two year old keeps me in stitches!

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Nicole said...

We've been sick FOREVER!!!

We love Madagascar and the Move It song. The whole family jumps up to dance. It's quite the family activity.

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Mama C-ta said...

I am seriously in need of some sunshine. I'm afraid Cricket's eyes won't be able to handle the sun since he hasn't seen the outdoors in a long time.

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