Almost Two

Dear Boo,

I haven't written you a letter in a long time, bad mama that I am, and since you will soon be 23 months, I figured it was about time. I keep hoping to capture the wonder of this age through our monthly 100+ photos and sporadic videos of you, but it's not nearly enough to capture the pure joy you bring us and the beauty of this age. Plus, everytime we turn on the video camera, you stop whatever momentous thing you are doing and just want to see yourself in the screen.

Right now, you are growing into your own independent self. Your vocabulary is astonishing to us, and your level of comprehension is quite frightening. With this newfound maturity comes the inevitable urge to test it out, and test us you do. You are stubborn and smart and cunning, and we love you for it because it probably makes us better parents. Let us know if we pass the test. I think sometimes we fail, but we know you will test us again to see if we can make up for it.

You can recognize letters and numbers, and we love it when you tell us what letters you see. And yes, sometimes i's really do look like t's depending on how they are written. And yes, b's sometimes look like d's. Mama mixes them up too, depending on the person's handwriting.

You are learning your colors, and know blue, yellow, green, pink, and purple. Sometimes you can point out red and orange, but those are harder since they look so similar. Sometimes you mix up yellow and blue, but I realized today that sometimes you just like to say one color over the other, and that's ok.

I love how you are starting to mix it up Boo-style when you are singing. You can still sing songs in great pitch but now you are adding some extra little somethin'-somethin' to the songs here and there to make them your own. It's adorable. Maybe I'll get you a turntable for when you turn two so you can be the ultimate mix master.

I love how when you sing Old MacDonald, 9 times out of 10, when we sing "and on that farm he had a..." you excitedly burst out "Pig!" Apparently, Old McD has more pigs than cows, sheep, or chickens.

Your love of animals has gone nutso. Your favorites are zebras, lions, hippos and giraffes...hmm...all the main characters of Madagascar. You like to line them all up to read or to watch tv, and then you lay them down on their sides and tell them "night night, zebra...night night, lion..." and so on. You love to share your food and your drinks with the animals, and I'll catch you offering "milk, lion?" and then holding your milk up to lion to drink. It's nice that you share with your animals. Remember that sharing applies to other humans too.

You love saying hello and goodbye to everyone we pass by in public. It's an endearing trait that might scare people when you are, say, 25 years old, but right now it's lovely and sweet. Sometimes you shout "bye bye" to everyone very loudly in the store, and it's really very kind of you. Just disregard the shocked look on the old lady's face as we walk by her.

Foodwise, you are an eating machine. At home, that is. In public, not so much. Your favorite foods are blueberries, mandarin oranges, strawberries, waffles, PB & J, peas, rice, fake chicken patties, and Annie's organic ranch bunnie crackers ("hop hop"s, as you call them).

You are starting to pick out what clothes you want to wear and what shoes you want to wear. Sometimes you don't really match, but that's ok. You are still adorable.

You try to trick us into thinking something is our idea when you are the one who suggested it. You'll say "cookie? cookie?" and when we ask "do you want a cookie?" you'll light up as if that's a great idea, and say "ok! Cookie! thanks!" as if it were us offering you a cookie and not you asking for it. You do this with a lot of things you know we won't normally give you, and it's very cute.

You are also starting to whine, and we're trying to get you to use your words instead. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you suddenly break down into tears at the drop of a hat, and then you are suddenly smiling and dancing around again just as quickly. We love to just watch you because you are a mystery to us. A lovely little riddle.

Your papa and I are absolutely in love with you, more and more each day. We love how you are becoming your own person. We're scared when we see bits of ourselves in you, and we hope you continue to test out things so you can become who you want to be. You will soon be two, little Boo. We're very proud of you, and thank you for putting up with us and our amateur parenting ways.

Mama M


Nicole said...

That smile is priceless. It's beautiful that you write these letters to your son. It will be a great memory for him and you and will definitely make him feel loved. Very good mommy!

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Sara said...

So sweet! Don't you love the little 2 and 3 word "dialogs" they come up with? Lucy feeds her babies, even bouncing and "shhhing" like we did with her.
Have you figured out what you are going do for the big party? Our party is coming up too...

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Mama M said...

Nicole - thanks - that's his smirk when he's being silly:).

Sara - I think we're doing a jungle party. Not sure how far we will take the theme though...everything I have found so far is super cheesy and useless stuff that we'd likely never use again, you know? I'm getting excited about the party, though! Can't wait to read what you are doing for Lucy!

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Annie said...

What an absolute sweetheart! And a really great post. Thankyou for sharing.

Here via Michele

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utenzi said...

Michele sent me here to visit you, Marlynn.

I think Boo belongs here in North Carolina. We have more pigs here than people so his rendition of Old McDonald would be right on the money.

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Grins said...

Hi Michele sent me and what an adorable boy you have! Makes me miss those days with my own son although I have to say that it is fun to have him around at 17 now too. ;-)

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~Cathy~ said...

He is adorable! And what a sweet letter from Momma.... melted my heart and he's not even mine!

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Mama Muse said...

He is so adorable! Your description of his singing is really sweet.

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J's Mommy said...

this is so sweet. i wish i had written more when my daughter was little. not that she's big, but she's going to be 3 soon and i would have liked to have recorded more of her likes, dislikes. you are doing a great job. he is a beautiful little man!

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Bridgermama said...

I love your letter! I will say it again, you have a genius on your hands. Gorgeous and smart, watch out ladies! Let's meet up next week? We are pretty open so let me know what works for you.

You have been tagged my friend!

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Isabel said...

What a cute kid. I love his hair!!

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