Birthday, straight ahead! Where's the teaching manual?

My little Boo is turning two years old soon. Not that soon, but soon enough. I am petrified and sad and excited all at once.

Last weekend Hubby and I (well, hubby and my dad, really) put together Boo's birthday present: a playset for the backyard. We got it super early, just in case it would take us a while to put together. It took a day. It rocks. It's not one of those huge gigantic bigger-than-the-school-playground's-equipment type of playsets, but it has everything we think Boo and his little buddies will need for at least the next six to eight years: two swings, monkey bars, gymnastic rings, rock climbing wall, chalk walls, a slide, and space for a sandbox if we ever feel the need to go out and buy 200 lbs of sand (uh, no thanks). It was super cheap too! I researched these things for the past month and I'm pretty happy with our purchase. Boo loves it. He loves being outside and thank goodness the weather has been cooperating.

I'm a little scared of this birthday. One was such a cool milestone, like "hey, you made it to one year without your parents dropping you! Congratulations!" But two... it really does mean the end of all things baby. He's speaking in these little three to five word sentences and actually having conversations with us. He has opinions about what he wants to eat and what he wants to wear (especially shoes - we've created a monster shoe snob!). He's doing everything that we do and is so excited to show us all the things he's learning. And in the end, I'm responsible for this kid. Holy crap! I'm responsible for this kid!!! See, that's the part that's freaking me out just a little right now. Not that I'm irresponsible or have unhealthy habits (does an addition to email and chocolate count?), but everything we really do now is going to shape how he acts and reacts, how he views the world and how he makes decisions. I am still amazed that these responsibilities just happen. Forget stupid MBAs and PhDs - there should be degrees in parenting before we're all given these life-altering tasks!

This is truly the part for which there is no prep. It's all on the fly, making it up as we go along. In theory, we know how we'd like to raise our son overall; it's the little tiny details of the day to day that have the most lasting effects though.

Brace yourself, son. We're all in this ride together. May it be wildly fun and somewhat educational for all of us.

PS-Boo is also now addicted to Finding Nemo. That's Nemo in his lap on the swing in the photo. He loves Nemo and always shares his milk, water and snacks with him.


deputyswife said...

I know it is hard to see, because I lose sight of it myself, but there are so many more "firsts" that will come in his life. Just the other day, Ben read his first word. He sounded out the letters and then put it all together. I cried! I can't believe my firstborn will be in kindergarten next year learning to read.

I love the picture of him in the swing. Too cute!!!

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Sara said...

Your boy is so cute too! Maybe we should get the kids together sometime when the stars align. I'm a bit freaked about the b-day party too; I'm still not sure what we are "doing" for it.
What kind of set did you end up getting? We are still thinking about what kind of tricycle to get, and we live so close to the park I hadn't even really started thinking about it.
I can relate to your shoe snob comment (and the other stuff too!).

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J's Mommy said...

"It's all on the fly, making it up as we go along." I couldn't have said it better myself. It's a scary thought, but you've been doing a wonderful job so far!

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Nicole said...

My son is very picky about shoes, too. His favorie -- his sister's pink Dora cowboy boots. You should have seen his father trying to talk him out of that the other day!

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