Mama pals rock and thanks to Hooters

Today, the unspeakable sadness slipped through my lips and I spoke about the experience for the first time out loud with mama pals E, A, and T (all together, our first initials spell TEAM! Or MEAT... depends on how you want to look at it :). It felt nice to say the words out loud. I almost cried but wanted to laugh instead and laugh we did, and I just can't say enough how much I love these ladies for letting me get it out there, and for being who they are. They are the kind of pals that when I am with them, time seems to go by twice as fast; just spending a couple hours with them makes me feel rejuvenated. I also love the idea of our kids all growing up together, since they're each just a few weeks or a month or so apart. (That means none of you can move!).

I also want to thank you for all of your supportive and kind comments and emails regarding my last post. Someday I will write about what I have been through (am going through, in some ways), but not yet. The experience has, in fact, shed some light on my relationships with other people. I shared the news with some people without even thinking about it (through emails until today); others I know I will share when the moment is right; and still there are some folks I just don't plan on ever sharing this with. There is one friend in particular who has become almost an alien to me and other friends since the day her preggo stick said "hey, you're having a baby!" and I just don't feel like she will be supportive or even care, really. As one friend put it, she was an uppity pregnant woman, and now she's an uppity mama. It's made me really sad, to realize that I don't want to share these kind of life-altering things with her, that I don't feel comfortable doing that anymore. But I suppose this is life, and as we are all subject to change, so too are our friendships.

I'd also like to thank Hooters, whose bright orange signage provided me with about 15 minutes of random reflection as I drove home from the playdate this morning. Hooters. In Portland. It just doesn't seem right, but there are three that I know of in the area. Portland, where the short-haired, liberal-minded, artistic intellectual is seemingly more popular than the long-haired, big-chested women whose serious reading repetoire includes magazines like Cosmo and Glamour. Yet Hooters must be doing well here for the company to have established at least three locations. Right? I suppose there are boob-minded pig men in every city. Then again, as I drove along, I remembered also that Portland has the most stripper bars per capita than any other city (or something like that). Perhaps our men think more clearly about how to save the environment while ogling over naked women, or in the case of Hooters, large chested women in tiny white tees. This was a serious conversation I was having in my head as I drove home today. So thank you, Hooters, for taking my mind off of my sad situation for a while and giving me some random food for thought this morning.

Thanks again, for your support, everyone. I promise to be visiting your blogs all this week!


Cityslicker Mom said...

Glad to hear you're doing better, it's so important to have a network of pals to help you get through stuff. yay!

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robyn said...

Just saw your last two posts (Spring Break made for lots less surfing time!) First though I can't add anything more insightful then what the other wonderful mamas have written -- know that I'm thinking of you and hoping that everything is okay -- or at least will be okay. Glad you let yourself lean on your friends to help you through.

Second, if it helps any, did you know that Atlanta has 10 Hooters within like a 20 mile radius!!?? so 3 Hooters is nothing!! :-) And at least you can take comfort in the fact that Hooters Air is going out of business (I think I heard...). Though the fact that there even is a Hooters Air...don't get me started! Anyway, smile if you can. And hang in there...

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Beanhead said...

Not sure wha is going on but if you ever need someone to talk with I am here for you.

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Nicole said...

Happy to hear your friends came through for you and made you laugh. I have a special friend like that with whom I can laugh about all kinds of depressing stuff. As for Hooters, I actually have eaten at some and the food is pretty good. And, to speak directly to the Hooters, at least the one in Cancun, was lacking in this department. I mean if you're advertising it, at least deliver.

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