Shout out to Hubby's blog

The day has come. Hubby has actually updated his own blog, Paper Knapkin! His thoughts in his most recent post pretty much emulate my own so please go visit him and say hello. I am sure he would appreciate the visitors, and also please leave any advice you may have for our impending 14-hour journey/hellish trip to the inlaws (the trip being the hellish part, not the inlaws, thank goodness!).


Celina said...

Well good luck with the trip. You are brave. :) I am sure it will go by easier than you thought.

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J's Mommy said...

14 hours?!?!?! Where in the hell are you going??

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Mama M said...

LOL-we're going to Switzerland for the annual in-law get-together, which we haven't been able to go to the past couple of years. My hubby says "17 hours" in his blog but I think he's counting our stopover time. Either way, the longest Boo has been in an airplane is to NYC, and he wasn't walking (or screaming) or talking yet back then... help!

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