THAT child

My son is now THAT child that you talk about in restaurants, and I am now THAT mom, the horrible one who seems to have no control over THAT child. I am mortified and yet humbled all at the same time.

It has happened all so quickly. Within the span of one week, my sweet, soft-spoken Boo has come out of his shell. Big Time. He's yelling HI! to everyone he sees, no matter where we are. He yells BYE! repeatedly to everyone as we leave places. He's laughing big belly laughs at waiters and doing everything he can to get their attention, stomping happily all over benches and booths at cafes and restaurants, slamming his toys on the table, randomly letting out loud little screeches for fun, pounding on glass, and in one lovely instance, pulling down a large potted plant located next to our booth (he really loves plants and flowers). Lovely indeed.

I try to be calm. I try to be stern and let him know that certain actions are not appropriate for when we are out in public. I try not to lose my cool. But I can't help but feel out of control. I don't threaten to leave because quite frankly I am one selfish mama and if he's having a good time and I am having a good time, why leave? He has yet to harm any other kids or adults. He has yet to throw an actual tantrum in a crowded public place. He has yet to steal another kid's toy or shove a kid down (which has happened to him more times than I can count). He's just a happy and hyper little monkey, and I'm his baffled novice mama trying to make sense of it all and trying to figure out my role in this whole phase.

So I apologize now for anyone who may be embarassed by my son's behavior, or by mine. I also apologize for my lack of attention - you see, whereas once I used to be able to chat it up and let my son play nicely beside me, I am now suddenly focused on THAT child who is suddenly not someone else's but mine. I am waiting for the tantrums to hit. Those are next, aren't they? Oh dear.

Good thing we love the little bugger to death. As frustrating as this phase has been this week in public, it's been super fun at home. Now if only we can teach him the difference between how we act at home and how we act in public... might be difficult, considering I am still learning that fine art.


Stephanie said...

Don't worry about - we all know what THAT child is like, because we have all had one ourselves!

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chichimama said...

Really, everyone with kids is just feeling sorryfor you, and being quietyly thankful that they aren't the only ones who kids act out!!!!

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Cityslicker Mom said...

I remember when I first realized that I had become "that mom". it was pretty humbling. After a while, you get used to it, it's only a phase!

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Zachary said...

Im so not looking forward to that stage. But i think i have some time before i get there! I know how you feel though The other day walking in to Target me and Daniel saw this cupple with these kids and one of there little girls was just screaming at the top of her lungs and crying. We said to each other we will never let our child be like that...let alone continue going into a store with a child like that....but it will probably happen to us just as it is happening to you . Well good luck with all that

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Bridgermama said...

Silly mama! I personally believe that Boo is completely adorable, entertaining and charming at restaurants and that Ms. Mama M handles her little bundle of energy in a positive, loving way! ;)

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