Blah Blah Blogging and other baffling failures of late

I have nothing interesting nor of interest to write about. I have lost my blogging skills and am not sure where they went, but they are not with me these days, so I apologize profusely for my uninteresting meanderings. I am very selfish lately and rather wrapped up in, well, myself. Work, baby's birthday (no it's not for like three or so more weeks but have I talked about it enough? No, so expect more talk of it and just turn away should you be tired of it), trying to figure out why my house isn't clean even after spending an entire morning scrubbing and sweeping and organizing, trying to fiure out why my front and backyard look like complete shit even though we just moved in a year ago (so sorry, beautiful grass of days gone by...we know not how to love you properly), and wondering when I'll get around to booking that hair appointment for snazzy summer highlights I've been thinking about for months.

I am mucho behind in much of my life - little things that baffle me as to how I let them get so horribly neglected - but I am not sure if that is because I just don't care about those things or because I'm just plain falling behind.

UPDATE: OK, I got a couple of angry emails from friends about this post. Friends who, mind you, have never bothered to actually comment on this site (hint, hint, you rude slackers), but feel the need to berate me in the privacy of email. So to make them happy (because it's all about you, darlings), let me put this post into context: I am falling way behind for me. You may think my house is clean but I know about the mess in our closet and the dust behind the toilet in the second bathroom and for some reason it's really bothering me (and ever since City Slicker Mom posted about the grime she found underneath her refrigerator I've been obsessed about cleaning under ours too!) . My lawn looks fine...until you stand on it and look down. See those patches of soil sadness where no grass will grow? That's where I slacked off. It's not that I give a rat's butt about what other people might think of these things, but I do care about how these things make me feel when I see them, and when something is off it bugs me to no end. I'm a little OCD about somethings.


Cityslicker Mom said...

You're an entrepreneur woman, not superwoman! Don't feel bad, it happens to all of us A LOT of the time, especially if you spread yourself too thin. relax, mama! :)

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chichimama said...

We too have managed to kill our lawn.

Hang in there...

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Sara said...

Oh M, I can so relate! It sounds like we are having the kids' birthday parties the same weekend, too and, honestly, I could use just one more week to pull it together. :)
(Longer message to come soon, I promise!) Take care -- S

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Nicole said...

I can't figure out why everything is a mess here either. Maybe there is some gnome that is out to get us mommies. I'm starting to throw my hands up and focus on the fun stuff I want to get done and forget the rest.

Don't forget to enjoy the birthday while working out all the details.

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Mama Me said...

Love your blog(s). I've been lurking around, taking ever more obsessive peeks into the lives of other PDX mamas. I'm a mama-to-be and although I know I am in for a new lifetime of surprises, my control freak nature wants to research everything in a vain attempt to be prepared. (Yes, ha, I know.) My control freak nature thusly revealed - my house and yard also drive me insane, and I don't yet have a baby to distract me from sweeping behind the toilet. My family thinks I am out of my mind and that everything is lovely, but I can see it ... oh yes I can! Denial might be a dandy little technique right about now.

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kj said...

You know, I HATE when my friends all insist that no, my life is much better than theirs, I am supermom, yada, yada. Sympathize! Empathize! Don't compete with my catastophes!

Someday I will post about it...

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J's Mommy said...

My lawn is a mess, the dust collects faster than I can clean it, and the laundry is piling up. I know how you feel. But more than housework, I feel stuck. Stuck in a rut. I was hoping the weather would snap me out of it, but it hasn't happened yet.

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