Happy Birthday Boo!

Dearest Boo,

This week you turn TWO years old! How did that happen? Where did those months, days, hours, minutes all go? The last year seems to have been in complete fast forward. You are continuing to grow into an amazing, beautiful, funny, strong and smart boy. You are definitely no longer a baby, although you will always be my baby.

Your favorite things: Finding Nemo, animals of all kinds, reading, to slide and swing, kicking soccer balls, singing, being tickled, taking baths, pointing out different colors and letters, being loud.

Your favorite foods: blueberries, peanut butter & jelly, peas and rice, Puffins cereal, Annie's cheddar bunnies, fake chicken patties, any type of dessert product that mommy and daddy are eating

Your Monday playpals: Lea, Cole and Ella. Together you are the Fantastic Four.

Your least favorite things: strangers (which is a good thing in my mind), getting dressed after a bath, having your nose wiped, being told that you can't ___________(insert anything here), being rushed, transitions.

What you are doing now:
  • Reading to us. You seem to memorize parts of books just after the second or third time we read them to you, and now as we begin reading a book to you, if we pause you will fill in the rest of the sentence. You will read One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss to us in its entirety. Favorite other books to read to us: Five Little Ducks, Big Red Barn, Bear Snores On.
  • Helping us clean up. You will help pick up your toys, books, crayons and stuffed animals when we tell you it's "pick up" time. You also like to help bring in the recycling and the trash and throw things away when we ask you to.
  • Testing us. You are definitely working on figuring out what is acceptable and what is not, and you're doing a great job of figuring that out by testing things on us. Your favorite test right now is slowly dumping out the contents of your big boy cup, which is thankfully usually just water.
  • Talking like there's no tomorrow. You repeat every sentence we say and are saying your own little sentences. You talk nonstop all day long, in between singing, and we love to hear your voice.
  • You love Starbucks and Target. Whenever we get anywhere near a drive-thru Starbucks, you get all excited and squeal "Yaaaay! Starbucks! All right! Mommy Coffee! Blueberry muffin?!?"
  • Transitioning to your new classroom for the older kids at school. It is not as difficult as your first transition there, but it is still hard. We understand - it's hard for us too to say goodbye to the teachers that took care of you the past few months.
  • Back and forth on the potty training. A few months ago we thought we were close, and then you stopped telling us when you were going. Now you are starting to tell us again, and we think we're making progress.
  • Using the word "yucky" to describe anything that is out of place. You are an orderly child. You like to line up all of your toys and animals either in neat rows or in beautiful wavy rows. You like to be clean. Now whenever you see a speck of something on your toys or when the spaghetti sauce lands on your bib, you say "yucky!"
  • Showering mommy and daddy with tons of affection. Your hugs are the best in the world, and you give us tons of hugs everyday. We wish we could just sit with you all day long in one big bear hug.
  • Getting attached to people you know and love. You love seeing your grandma, grandpa, uncle Dave, Traci and Kaden. You also love seeing your playmates. You love to see pictures and you get so excited to name everyone.
What is happening in the country when you turned two:
  • buzzwords: iPod, organic, Netflix, frappaccino, gelato
  • brand names that have become verbs: Google, Tivo
  • global warming
  • hybrid cars are everywhere and your mommy really wants one
  • organic food is mainstream and abundant in every grocery store (at least in Portland), meaning hopefully less toxins are going into your body than went into mine as a child
  • the US is no longer a financial superpower but rather owes more money to other countries than they owe us
  • we're still in Iraq, there is a contrived smokescreen controversy over immigration, the administration is spying on innocent Americans and is full of more corruption, lies and deceipt than the White House has ever seen... even with your tantrums you are still smarter and more levelheaded than our current president
  • for some reason, the country keeps watching American Idol
  • big tv shows that are better than American Idol: Lost, 24, The Office
  • satellite radio is big
  • women still make less money on average than their male counterparts
  • our schools are in crisis and we're watching anxiously to see what happens in the next few years
Our parents said it back then and we'll say it now: the world is crazy and we hope it gets better as you get older. Everything we do now, we do with you and your future in mind. We hope that as you get older, we can help instill strong values in you, that you grow up knowing the true value of family and friends as the most important aspects of your life, that you will treat others as you wish to be treated, that you will seek adventure and find laughter in every day, and that you make decisions that will not just help you, but those around you. For now we're happy with the fact that you say please and thank you, and make us laugh every day. We're elated that you are here, with us, singing, dancing, playing, snuggling. You are becoming your own person, and we are so thrilled and honored to watch your personality unfold. We know you will be an amazing man; you are an incredible two-year-old going on 20.

Happy Birthday, Boo. We love you more than we can ever put into words.

Mama M and Papa A


Sara said...

So sweet! I can relate with many things you wrote here especially the parts about coffee. L. really gets that we need our coffee and recognizes our coffee shops too. Also -- the yucky thing, what is with that? She's also disturbed by things out of order, even as she creates it.
I love the part of the entry where you discuss what's going on in the world today. June approaches! We'll make plans soon. I hope Boo has a great party (L.'s was great fun!).

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J's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Boo!!!

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icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

This is WONDERFUL! I especially enjoyed your insights on politics to your son. My daughter also turned two in April. We take her to peace marches in New York (I have photos in my blog) which she enjoys very much. She's very small, so I'm able to carry her in a baby carrier and I always make her little signs, like a peace sign to carry on a popsicle stick.

Also, for reasons unknown, my daughter really adores the A&P grocery store, yet she loathes Shoprite.

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Gina said...

I LOVE THAT LETTER! So cool to list current events. I will remember that for Liam's one year letter. May 25th he turned 7 months... time is a flyin'.

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