Nod to Mr. Colbert

Yesterday we caught the full C-Span coverage of the White House Correspondents dinner. It was awesome. And I'm not talking about the silly yet pretty funny Dubya impersonator. I'm talking about Stephen Colbert. He hit home, he hit hard, he hit the bullseye, and damn if you couldn't hear a pin drop in that room, what with the Suits and Diamonds realizing that he's exposing the truth about them - all of them - in one long sarcastic trainride to Truthville. His target was not just Dubya and his utter embarassment of a complete corrupt and damaging administration, but the press themselves. It was uncomfortable and long and uneasy and just pure balls.

I'm not a huge Colbert fan. I think he's funny, but only to a point. Seeing the coverage made me uncomfortable for him at times, and that is how I know he was a success at that dinner. Kudos to you, sir.

If you didn't catch the whole thing and only caught clips of the annual event on CNN or your local news, you really missed out.


Mama Muse said...

Here is a website with streaming video. Watch the Roasting in clips 1, 2, and 3 of 3. http://www.youtube.com/browse?s=mp

Happy Birthday Boo!

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margalit said...

I so agree with you, Colbert was brilliant. The looks on the audience members as they were enviscerated was priceless. Bush looked like he would have run for cover if he could have. But you know what? I don't feel sorry for him at all. I don't think he has a clue of why he's so hated because he's surrounded by sicophants who lie to him. I only wish I had seen Rumsfield in the audience. That would have made my day!

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Bridgermama said...

dang, missed it! My husband would probably divorce me for both Colbert and Jon Stewart. Come to think of it, I may leave him for Mr. Stewart.

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