Out for the Summer, Be Back Next Fall

Boo's birthday party was a blast - complete with monkey cake, jungle animal cookies, tiger pinata, and the best part: lots of warm and fun friends and family. We did a book exchange instead of gifts and I am so grateful. He had another party at school today. This boy has had quite a bit of sugar in him the past few days!

Boo's birthday also officially marks the beginning of summer in our household. Straight ahead are birthday parties, summer vacations, many day trips to the beach, and if I have my way, general relaxation. That's right: you read correctly. I used a form of the word relax in relation to myself in the same sentence. I've decided that this summer is about re-energizing: my family, my soul, my business focus. It's about taking time out to sit back and re-evaluate the plans, big and small. Figuring out the future. And I can't do that while sprinting a million miles a minute doing fifty things at once. Ten things, maybe, fifty, not so much. Yeah, yeah, there's work, but I've made a conscious effort not to schedule too many jobs and overbook myself as I normally do, and I am going to make a conscious effort to schedule re-grouping time in between projects. Chillin' in the backyard with a marguerita watching Boo chase bubbles while I finish my business plans, redo our family budget and figure out how in the hell we can make it work and move to Italy for a year. Did I say that last part out loud?

It's much needed. I feel like I haven't taken time out - real time off, emotionally, mentally and physically - for a couple of years now. All of our "vacations" have had agendas, whether business or family-driven. There is literally not a minute in any day that is my own, that is quiet, that is without a million To Do lists popping in and out of my head. This is how I love to live my life, but I also know that I can only live at this speed if I take time to recharge. While I've been having the time of my life working on overdrive the past two years, with all of the changes and new developments and crazy happy moments, I also know when it's time to just disappear from the masses for a while to regroup in quiet solitude so that I can return fully ready to charge full speed later on. It's time once again.


chichimama said...

Enjoy! I hope you can stick to your resolutions, I always find myself slipping back into old patterns quickly...

And a year in Italy sounds heavenly!

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Nicole said...

Wow, I hope you do it!

Glad to hear Boo's birthday was a success. I love to celebrate the little one's birthdays. It means I survived another year!

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Cityslicker Mom said...

Enjoy your summer plans! Have a blast with your little boo and family. :)

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