The Park, Part Deux: Eating my words

I am a complete beeatch. Or at the very least, a major schmuck. After writing the previous post about my anti-park stance, where did I go today? The Park. And worse? I had FUN.

It all started yesterday when I saw a woman jogging while pushing a toddler and a baby in a double jogging stroller AND holding onto a big huge golden retriever while running. She puts me to SHAME. I only have one tot, and one dog. Now, I'm not going to attempt to take both running at the same time (if you can do this, kudos to you, but I don't think my back would survive my dog's pulling). But I figure if that woman can do what she did, then I can certainly haul my lazy ever-expanding ass back into the running circuit. My husband and I used to go running together all the time. It had been months. Maybe even a year, I can't remember. It was time.

So this morning after running some errands, Boo and I went for a "jog" in a nearby park. I can do walks in my neighborhood, but it's all massive back-breaking hills, so the park was our closest alternative. I didn't want to go to the park, but felt I had to. I vowed not to stop at the playground but to just keep jogging. So we went. And I learned that I need to get back into shape because I am so LAME that I can't jog for half a block much less five miles! So it was more of an intense walk/jog jaunt. Then on our third lap around the trail, there it was: an empty playground. No one in sight. Could it be?

I had to take advantage of it, so I popped Boo out of the jogging stroller and off he ran to the slides. Then a car pulled up. Then another. Then some came by foot. My anxiety level was super high and I was about ready to pull the "oh we were just leaving" act. Then they started talking to me. The Moms.

And they were NICE. Not just pleasant, but SUPER NICE. Nicer than I ever could be. They watched their kids. They engaged me in interesting conversation. We shared real laughs and watched out kids play together. When one of the kids pushed Boo (who just sat there looking surprised), the kid's mom was right there talking to her son about not pushing and made him apologize. What alternate universe had I landed upon? Where were these nice, responsible moms before during my bad experiences at the park? They were so warm and friendly that I wanted to give them all hugs when we left and invite them over for coffee and a playdate at my house.

Alas, we had to leave, and as Boo exclaimed "BYE!!!!! BYE BYE!!!" as he waved to each one of the kids and the moms, I realized that I would be back to that particular park again. At least, until I have a few more bad experiences to make me hate it again. For now, this experience has made me eat my words and feel like the biggest bitch in the world for dissing the park. Damn. I kind of liked not liking the park. Guess I'll have to funnel that hate to my hatred of the mall. Now that dislike, I don't think any group of nice moms can change.


Cityslicker Mom said...

I guess everyday at the park is a different experience. Maybe it was the time of day you went. Like maybe during the early part of the day it's stay at home moms and later in the day it's working moms? oohh. that brings up another question. are the working moms like the ones you described in your last post? or the stay at home moms? or is there a difference. Anyway, more importantly, you hate the mall? (ducking)

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deputyswife said...

You must have been at evil b***h park the other day. Matter of fact, I think I have been there too... of course not as an evil b***h either. I think.

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Megan said...

I have to laugh at the timing of your park postings! After reading the first one and dreading my next park outing, I went to a new park on Friday to meet a friend and her little girl for a playdate. Same experience...we met three really nice, down-to-earth moms who were so incredibly warm and fun that I hated to leave! Their kids were polite, and we had a terrific time!

I'm in sunny (and unbearably hot right now) CA, so I guess those great park moms can be found everywhere. : )

Oh, and I'm with you on the mall. I HATE it.

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Nicole said...

Your so funny. Good for you with the good park experience. I'm usually one of the standoffish moms staying focused on my kids. Not really good with the small talk. But, based on your experience, maybe if I put myself out there, I have a chance of a good park outing. Thanks for the inspiration!

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