10 years ago...

...my husband and I graduated from the same college. We had an awesome time in college. Many of our college friends have moved out here, and are some of the people that I cherish the most in the whole world. Our college reunion was earlier this month, and I just got sent a batch of online photos. Some of the photos take me back, mainly the photos of Boston, which make me miss the city so very much. Some of the photos make me wonder if I actually graduated in a different year...who the hell are those people in the photos? Some of them, sadly, make me feel better (as in, "phew! I'm not the only one who gained some weight since college!" - terrible thought, isn't it? but there it is, in my head). But all of them bring back the feelings, the scents, the memories of college. It is where my husband and I met, where I faced a lot of my own insecurities and my undeniable faults - my demons, so to speak - and where I believe I truly learned to love, live and laugh the way I had always wanted to. College is where I learned to become the person I wanted to be, and where I met the people that would accept the parts of me that I maybe didn't like so much.

I can't believe 10 years have gone by. Look at how much can happen and how much one can both stay the same and change. It went by so fast. I am truly fearful and saddened at the fact that I know the next 10 years will fly by even faster now with Boo in our lives. The last two alone have whizzed by super crazy fast!

The photos also made me stop and think about where my fellow grads are now in their lives, and where I am in mine. Am I where I should be at this point? I know that I am happy where I am at this point. Have I accomplished all that I wanted to by now? Well, no, since I don't have my MBA and I don't speak five languages fluently (what the hell was I thinking when I added that to my list?). But plans change and I no longer want an MBA. Are my fellow grads happy where they are in life? It's too much pressure, this whole one life thing - how are we supposed to pack in everything we want to do in one life? Sucky ducky. I guess I'll just keep plugging along and just doing what makes me and my family happy.

On a completely superficial note, the photos also made me (selfishly) wonder: good god, have I aged that much too? I know that the answer is yes, because 10 years did pass, I did have a child, and I have been working like a crazy women with little sleep for the past 10 years - can't expect all of that to keep me looking 22, can I? I never really think about aging, but suddenly these photos... ay carumba, I feel like an old married woman, because I know that's just what I look like in photos. Ack.

I'm not too sad that we missed the reunion. Their new tv studios look awesome, but I miss the brownstones that housed our old dorms and classrooms. Henry Winkler (graduated from the same college, along with a bunch of other funny famous men like Jay Leno and Dennis Leary, but not too many super famous women...hmmm) was there and some of my fellow grads got their picture taken with him. Not sure that would have made the trip worth it for us. But it's nice to see the photos and remember that time. 10 years. Damn, it goes by too fast.


deputyswife said...

Isn't it funny how it all can change on a dime? One minute you are planning early retirement, the next you are talking to your financial advisor about an education IRA.

I never thought my life would bring me to where I am, but I am lovin every minute of it!!!

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Nicole said...

I was looking at old photos of when my husband & I started dating recently (12 years ago) and was thinking we haven't aged well! I've decided to not look at those pictures again until I'm very, very old!

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Blog This! said...

I went to my 10 year high school reunion awhile back and thought the same thing - do I look that old?! Turns out, yes, I do. What years of sleepless nights up with children and the stress and worry of raising them will do to you!

Time really seems to go by so much faster the older you get doesn't it?!

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Waya said...

Hey, my 15th year reunion (also from Boston but not where Dennis Leary went) is this June. I think it already came and gone. But we didn't go to it. A few college friends that we kept in touch with also didn't attend either.

My husband and I met in college too, but unfortunately after marriage and kids, all of our college friends have their own lives so we hardly ever see them even though we all live in the same state, how sad huh?!

I guess everyone has his/her own lives now. What a shame!

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