Some days I think I rock at being able to catch Boo before a tantrum starts, talk him down from one, stop him from throwing his trucks and getting him to understand why he shouldn't hit me when he's mad because I tell him he can't do something. Those days are few and far between. Most of the time, I'm just guessing and choosing how to react to his strong and stubborn toddler ways. A lot of the time, I have the distinct feeling that I've lost the battle, and my wiser-than-his-years son has once again outwitted this novice mama.

But something has happened the past two days that has amused and bewildered my husband and I. Now when Boo gets ready to throw something, he tells himself in a stern voice: "No throwing!" Granted, he will usually say this as the object is being hurled from his hand, but increasingly he seems to be doing this to remind him that throwing is not ok, and when I wait for the hurled object to hit me in the head, none arrives. He also says "no banging" when he wants to bang his trucks or trains, and "no kicking" when he wants to kick the seat. Hmm. Maybe he is self-disciplining after all. Maybe he does listen to what his dad and I tell him, and maybe, just maybe, the meaning behind the words are starting to sink in.

Or maybe he's just mocking us, which he tends to do from time to time, and doesn't really get it yet. He is, after all, two, and is just fascinated to find out what happens when he does throw or bang his trucks over and over and over. He's learning, and I get that - I just wish it were a little softer way of learning sometimes. (Gender note: how come none of the girls his age seem to be in the throwing/hitting/banging phase but all of the boys are?). Either way, he's starting to get better about throwing, hitting, banging in general. He's still super sweet and cuddly - this past weekend was all about the hugs and kisses to mama and papa - but he's also 100% physical when he plays, something that can be both endearing and also mind-numbing.


Cityslicker Mom said...

yeah, most days with my 2.5 year old i'm guessing and choosing as well. it's tough, isn't it? for your answer about why little girls aren't throwing things, it's all the testosterone. boys are just built to be ruff and tuff!

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Nicole said...

I can't seem to get it right with my son (two at the end of June). He's still hitting, mostly. He'll raise his hand, I'll say no hitting, he pauses as if to think about it and then goes ahead and hits. What is that? And, why won't he stop. I'm starting to think he wants my reaction. So, I'm considering trying no reaction for awhile. My husband hasn't joined that bandwagon, yet, so he actually reacts (which I think is what my little one wants).

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Trish said...

I think he's trying to learn self control, but he's just not quite got the knack yet. What a cutie. I know this stage is tough.
I loved visiting your blog btw. Great writing and pictures.

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deputyswife said...

Hey, if he stops himself, that's great! Jack has been throwing things when he gets mad. I noticed he would pause before he threw something. I think he was waiting for my reaction. So I stopped giving it. I get up and walk away like it doesn't bother me. (It does, but I'm not gonna let him know it!)

Funny thing is, now he hasn't been throwing. I think he saw he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted, so he gave up. Though, I am sure he will try something new to get a reaction. LOL!

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megan said...

How cute! My little Mary has been doing the self-discipline, too...putting herself in her own "time out" if she gets too worked up. Lately, though, it's her stuffed animals that get all of the discipline. I heard her tell her rabbit, "No throwing, rabbit, or I give you a time out. Do you understand?" I couldn't stop laughing! Atleast I know she is listening to me...for better or worse! : )

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