Emotional attachments

Boo misses his old classroom and his former teachers. I think he's adjusting pretty well to his new classroom, and some of his friends from his old one are there now that they are older too, but it's still difficult. We've learned that he tends to act out more during these transitional times, and that behavior only lasted a couple of days this time. He's also eating and napping in his new classroom, which was a challenge when he first started at the school. He's playing and chatting it up already. So, there is progress, but still... watching him stop in front of his old classroom door on our way home is just super sad. My heart goes out to him as he peeks in - perhaps to catch a glimpse of his friends that are still in there, perhaps to see his old teachers, perhaps just to see the classroom itself and the familiar posters and pictures on the wall. He knows that is no longer that classroom, but he remembers how much he loved it. He still feels the emotional attachments to the place and the people there. He leans against the door and looks into window briefly in silence before taking my hand and walking out.

It makes me sad to think that he feels sadness and a sense of loss at such a young age, but I also know that this is the first of just many times in his life that he will have to say goodbye and transition to a new place with new people. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all just have everyone we love around us all the time? No long distance phone calls, no once a year visits... no saying goodbye. Ever. My heart goes out to him in part because it makes me sad too. I hate that we have to say goodbye to the teachers we love so much and get to know the new ones, whom we will just have to say goodbye to eventually as well. I am easily emotionally attached to the people that enter my life - the ones who stay for decades or even the ones who just flitter in for ten minutes- and I really do wish we could keep the people in our lives actually in our lives forever.

Alas, that's not the way the world turns, and my little Boo is being very brave and so very awesome during this transition. He's stronger than me already, and I'm so proud of him.


Nicole said...

Wow, very well put. My daughter's teacher left in April and she still asks when she's coming back. She says she misses her a little and she knows she'll be back soon. I try to tell her no, but she doesn't get it. I guess ignorance is bliss.

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deputyswife said...

It has been almost three years since my boys had their first daycare provider. They still ask for her. I wish we could have stayed with her.

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Sara said...

This is so sweet! And I can relate to the the bittersweetness of the connections children make as Lucy's dear nanny is battling a serious illness.
Hey, June is flying by! Let's talk soon...

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