A Woman President?

We're heading into campaign season for the 2008 elections, and as a woman and a mother, I am deeply distraught. In 2004, I bought the domain names www.momsforhillary.com and www.momsforhillary.org. I thought that she was going to be the best candidate to get the family agenda out there, and as much as her campaign may have protested, of course she is running. Now it's obvious: the Friends for Hillary campaign has contacted me wanting to purchase both domain names. Over the past year, I've watched her, and I've been disappointed almost to the point of disgust. I no longer think she has a chance, and more than that, I no longer believe she will bring anything to the table to help moms, esp. working moms, families in need, healthcare, education, addressing the deficit - or any other hot topics that I believe will shape this next election. Forget race, forget economics - I believe the group that will have the greatest affect on this election is the mom-vote. We're the ones who want a better future for our families. Is Hillary the one who is going to lead us to a better future? I no longer think so.

Yesterday the Friends for Hillary campaign's first offer was absolutely ridiculous, and their second offer not much better. I know what the domain names are worth, and the campaign is nowhere even close to being near the ballpark. But you know what? I'll take it, because now I really am disgusted with the Hillary Clinton campaign. They think that just because I'm some little mom in Oregon that I can be taken for granted and it just emphasizes how she doesn't care about the little folks like you and me out here.

So what is your take on Hillary? Would you vote for her? Do you think we'll ever see a woman president in our lifetime? Can't Oprah just run already? :)

UPDATE: Instead of writing a new post on this, I'll just keep adding to the comments in the comments section.


Kirsten said...

I don'tknow if I would vote for Hilary, I think she has some very good ideas, but I don't think she can win. I am just focused on taking back the presidency and will support whatever candidate the dems think will win!

Also, very very savy lady buying up the domains!

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Brian & Becca Davis said...

Hold out for a lot more money. If they really want it, they'll pay. All those $500/plate functions have to go somewhere. Maybe it will help the Italy dream come true. Just a very disgruntled former poli sci major's thoughts.

As for a female president, it'll happen only if she's got a southern accent...

Cheers from New Zealand-


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Justine said...

Sorry to hear you sounding disheartened. Brian and Becca are right (advice about the domain name). Hillary will most likely run in 08, I think she will win. You domain name is only going to get more valuable as time goes on...i.e. nearer to 08 is the better time to sell. Wait until Hillary announces her candidacy...the only problem is that they might come up with a v. similar domain name and not need to buy yours at that stage. Hard to know what is the best thing to do. Good luck!

I think to have a woman President of the US at long last, it's worth the vote. Just my opinion. I'm an Irish feminist not an American one though so I'm not a voter. We've had two women Presidents (more of a constitutional role, not politically powerful. Our current Tanaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) is a woman. We've yet to have a woman Taoiseach (Prime Minister). I think the symbol of what is a "leader" "president" etc. is quite a powerful tool in the recognition of women's suitability for certain roles which are still male dominated and could have a knock on effect for women in many walks of life.

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Anonymous said...

Why have you lost hope? I just don't want her to run because I think she can't win (too many folks have irrational hate for her and her husband) and I don't want her to keep another Dem from getting into the white house.

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Heather L said...

It's amazing. I really really enjoying hearing Bill Clinton speak on political issues, now that he is no longer the President. I'm convinved that his ideals and heart were in the right place while he was President. I believe this would be the case with Hillary. Realistically, for her to have any chance to win, she is going to have to make herself more appealing for the middle. And, unfortunately, that means that she will need to compromise on issues that are important to her and lots of us moms, too.

I remember my Mrs. Dinkins, my high school English teacher, said that when she votes, she always votes for a woman regardless of her political party. She strongly believed that a female politician, no matter how sleazy or immoral, always always knew more about the issues of women and had greater empathy to families. I've thought a lot about that idea over time, and the older I get, the more I agree.

If Hillary runs, and she looses her moral grounding and is silly candidate, she will always always have a better perspective on the needs of mother and families, than a male candidate.

I hope that's not to hard on the guys who are reading, since there are lots of great men in politics. It's just that there are still almost no women or minorities in real power positions. If you are intersted in the statistics, then check on the US Congress website. . . www.senate.gov/reference/resources/pdf/RL30261.pdf


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deputyswife said...

I used to be a big Hilary fan. Now, I think "Meh, take her or leave her."

Honestly, I think she is trying to keep up with the big dogs. Men. I think if she would return to her previous self (that was before the political UFO beamed her up and brainwashed her) she might have a better chance.

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Mama M said...

Here's my take on it, part two: I love Hillary. I think the Clintons are great for the country and while Bill was a flawed man, his lies didn't kill thousands of innocent young men and women. Hillary used to be great, but I agree with Deputy's Wife: she's trying to be like the Big Boys and playing too much to the middle. You can't please everyone, and she certainly doesn't come across as being authentic in doing so. Her politicking is too obvious, transparent and makes her look desperate, which truly makes me respect her less.

Re: anonymous's comment - first, just come right out and say that you work for her. :) Second, I totally agree that too many people (mostly women) have this irrational hatred of Hillary. I don't hate her. I think she is a strong, capable woman who wants what is best for the country. But she's going about it the wrong way, and she's losing the family vote, which will cost her in the end. What the hell is her campaign thinking? Bunch of morons if you ask me, so excuse me if you do work for her, but her campaign needs to get its head out of its collective ass and start actually paying attention to the moms of the country - because trust me - WE will decide this next election. You see, we're THAT pissed off about what is happening and we will come out en masse for our candidate starting next year.

Re: Heather's comment: I used to think that I would vote for any woman candidate but I realized that, for me, that's just silly. If the world were upside down and women were the minority and men were the majority, that's like a guy saying Hitler isn't so bad, just because he's a guy. Not that Hill is Hitler, mind you, but I do believe it's sexist to believe a man cannot understand the issues of family and womanhood as well as a woman can. Most men can't, perhaps, but I do believe there are few that are capable, and they are doing an awesome job fighting for our rights and our issues right now. Furthermore, I believe there are women who will NOT do a good job bringing women's issues and family issues to government. If Hill keeps going down the path she/her campaign is foraging for her, I don't think she'll bring any of our issues to the table the way that she really SHOULD do, as a woman and a mother.

Basically I should have just said DITTO to Deputy's Wife, but I'm really starting to get amped up over the next election! :) Thanks for all of your comments!

Keep 'em coming!

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