Big Kid

My son tonight has moved into his toddler bed. We were having no luck with him sleeping in his crib transitioned into a toddler bed (he's very set in his routine: he freaked without the side railing), so we went ahead and bought a little toddler bed with cars on it. He loved playing in it today, but it was a little more difficult at bedtime, which is usually a peice of cake. He protested just a tiny bit, but then I climbed in with him for a minute, then got out and recited his bedtime story. I sat beside his bed for a little while and then he fell asleep. I am not sure what it will be like when he wakes up and finds himself in the new bed and not his crib, but for now he is sleeping soundly, in his big kid bed.

As he gets older, I see more and more of myself and my husband in him. His actions, his expressions, his likes and dislikes. It's really quite an odd realization in the moment it happens.


Stephanie said...

It's funny, my husband just said to me last night "you just made the same facial expressions as your daughter." I didn't even realize it!

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Cityslicker Mom said...

congrats on another step to bigboyhood! in my experience they seem to get accustomed quickly. the real trick is KEEPING them in bed at night!

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chichimama said...

Such a big step! Hope he stays in there for you....

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deputyswife said...

Oh God. The bed transition. I hate the bed transition.

My two and a half year old is still in the crib. He will stay there until he is 35. Really. He will.

Can you tell that my older two did not 'do' beds very well? LOL! Good luck to you!

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