day of goodbyes

this morning as i drove boo to school, he was totally great, reading in the backseat, singing to his favorite cd. then we pulled into school. then he started crying. bawling. tears totally streamed down his cute little face and he kept saying "no school, mommy! no school!"

hmm. we had thought that talking to him about it would make the transition easier on him, so he was prepared for it. it is his last day today. but of course, he is just over two, and how the hell does he know what "last day" means? i think he thought he was no longer going at all. he was so excited when i would say he was going to be home with mommy all the time now. except that "now" actually starts, um, a few hours from now. oops.

so he clung to me tightly with his little hands and wrapped his legs around my waist and kept bawling as i was saying goodbye and handing him to one of his teachers.i am sure he will be fine, but it just tore my heart out to see him cry like that.

we're having a party there later for his goodbye, and i have to say, it's a little bittersweet for me too. i really like the teachers and the director there. they're great, and it's been such a great experience for him to be around not only the kids in his class, but to be surrounded by the older kids in the space next to his class. his speech is incredible since he moved to the big kids room. they help reinforce things we teach him at home. they've even offered to watch him every once in a while if i ever have a meeting or appointment or something and need someone to watch him for a couple of hours. how great is that?

i'm having a hard time today. am i crazy? is this going to work? i am so excited but also for the first time, nervous. i know it will all work out, it always does. but once again, i think the transition will be more difficult for me than for him in the long run.

UPDATE: we had ice cream sandwiches for his last day there when i arrived to pick him up and i gave the other kids some bubbles that they could take home. the teachers were great and kept saying to bring him back whenever i needed some time to myself or to run errands or if he just wanted to see his friends at school. we definitely may bring him back there when he's ready for preschool. it's so nice to feel confident about a school that's close to home!


coming home

back to school time is just around the corner, and as many mamas and papas prepare their kids for the classroom, we are preparing to bring ours back home. little boo will be home with me full-time starting the end of the month. there are many reasons behind our decision, all of them good ones. we love his little school and he likes it too, but this time is so short. school is expensive and since my businesses are moving forward i no longer feel it is a necessity to have him in regular care outside of the home. my businesses are in a place now where i can do them at nights, weekends and naptimes. boo is at a place right now where i can take him to most of my meetings during the day and he's great playing by himself or hanging out on my lap. most of my meetings are with other mamas and papas who also have their kids with them. i miss him when he is gone. this week especially, i miss him terribly. he still cries a little sometimes when i drop him off, which is normal, he only goes for a few hours a week anyway, but i don't think it's normal that i still want to cry at drop off sometimes as well. he's a big kid and he's only going to get bigger. i am selfish and want to be with him for this magical time - for ALL of it. i have big plans for our time together. projects. outings. adventures. lots more snuggle time. at first i didn't want to pull him out since it will be a big transition again to get him back into school when he needs to go. but then i realized: it's really more of a transition for me. he's fine. he's really great with transitions these days - his big kid bed, traveling overseas, stopping the use of his binky for sleep (we let him use it in switzerland but then he dropped it completely - forgot to write about that), being schlepped all over town by his crazy parents who have crazy schedules. he's great with transitions now. so i think he'll be fine with this one. i'm very at peace with our decision. i actually feel a little more free, oddly enough. not at all stressed. the businesses will be fine, and we'll all be happier and healthier. i am very excited. this is a huge decision and i know it's the right one. i can't wait!



I did it. Booked tix to NYC for a gal pal's wedding and my date will not be my hubby but my girlfriend whom I've been friends with since graduating from high school. This is a trip that both of us need (ah, the dramas of 30-something women, eh?) and I am sure we shall enjoy every minute of it. It will be my first time away from the boys in a very very long time... but you know what? They will be just fine. They'll have a grand ol' time ... and so will I! It's just for a couple of days. Short and sweet. But enough to maybe do just a little bit of damage. :)



Conversations with Boo

Dear Boo,

Looking at you today, it is hard to believe you were once so small and helpless. Today, at 26 months, you are a big kid: learning to do new things, speaking longer sentences, doing big kid things every single day. You boggle our mind, and we love you SO much!

Fun things right now:

-Our drilling in of manners is beginning to show. You know that when you want something, you say "mama (of daddy), may I please have some ____?" or "mama, may I please watch Thomas?" And you are so proud whenever you say this! It's the cutest sentence we've ever heard.

-In the same vein, you also now say "no thank you" instead of just "no!" when you don't want something that we've asked you.

-You loooove puzzles. When you are trying to figure out which piece goes where, you scrunch up your face in deep thought and say very seriously "Hmmm..."

-You totally love your swimming classes, and you are starting to warm up in your music class. If we could live in water like the fish, whales and sea turtles you so love, I think you would be in absolute bliss. You love the instruments in music class and the parachute.

-You know all of the main colors and your favorites are still blue, yellow and orange.

-You are still singing all the time, but now you're starting to sing more in front of other people too. Yesterday you serenaded our friends J and S in the car with several continuous renditions of Jingle Bells followed seamlessly by the ABC song, Lullaby and Twinkle Twinkle.

-You think you are funny. You'll do something that really is funny and you'll say "(insert Boo's real name here) is funny!" You are also catching on to humor in every day life and like to stop to say emphatically, "____ is funny!!"

-You can take off your shoes and put them away properly, take off your pants and your diaper (potty training close? we hope so but aren't going to push it), can put on some shoes and some shirts and pants.

-You are drinking super well out of a regular cup now. Very little spillage! And your use of a fork is greatly improved. Tonight you ate spaghetti with a fork and never once used your hands (and only got a tiny amount on your shirt!).

-You like to point out things you really like by saying something like "See my Nemo chair? It's cool."

-Your speech is the most amazing thing recently. You really are talking in sentences. "Daddy, are you sleepy? Are you sleepy Daddy?" "I had fun at school!" "Daddy is going to work" "Mama come play with me please" "Thor, you're not supposed to eat!" (that is in reference to his food, not Thor's) "Uh-oh, Percy fell down! Percy is in the water! Percy fell in the water! Oh no, Percy, don't fall in the water!" Things like that. Our favorite is of course, the one mentioned above (the "mama, may I please have some milk?" phrase).

We love this time. You are an incredible kid, who finds such joy in everything, and who also overthinks things sometimes like your mama and papa do. I'm sure we'll pass on worse habits to you, so cherish that one. You also whine a lot right now, but we're noticing it is decreasing as your sentences get longer, and we are certain that some kid in your class taught you how to say "My___" because every now and then you like to remind people that it's your train or book or whatever. You love to sing and dance and run all day and all night long, and you make us so very happy.

Mama M and Papa A