coming home

back to school time is just around the corner, and as many mamas and papas prepare their kids for the classroom, we are preparing to bring ours back home. little boo will be home with me full-time starting the end of the month. there are many reasons behind our decision, all of them good ones. we love his little school and he likes it too, but this time is so short. school is expensive and since my businesses are moving forward i no longer feel it is a necessity to have him in regular care outside of the home. my businesses are in a place now where i can do them at nights, weekends and naptimes. boo is at a place right now where i can take him to most of my meetings during the day and he's great playing by himself or hanging out on my lap. most of my meetings are with other mamas and papas who also have their kids with them. i miss him when he is gone. this week especially, i miss him terribly. he still cries a little sometimes when i drop him off, which is normal, he only goes for a few hours a week anyway, but i don't think it's normal that i still want to cry at drop off sometimes as well. he's a big kid and he's only going to get bigger. i am selfish and want to be with him for this magical time - for ALL of it. i have big plans for our time together. projects. outings. adventures. lots more snuggle time. at first i didn't want to pull him out since it will be a big transition again to get him back into school when he needs to go. but then i realized: it's really more of a transition for me. he's fine. he's really great with transitions these days - his big kid bed, traveling overseas, stopping the use of his binky for sleep (we let him use it in switzerland but then he dropped it completely - forgot to write about that), being schlepped all over town by his crazy parents who have crazy schedules. he's great with transitions now. so i think he'll be fine with this one. i'm very at peace with our decision. i actually feel a little more free, oddly enough. not at all stressed. the businesses will be fine, and we'll all be happier and healthier. i am very excited. this is a huge decision and i know it's the right one. i can't wait!


Nicole said...

Good for you! Enjoy your time with your little one. And, congrats on getting to place that is more comfortable for you!

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chichimama said...

Enjoy! I am so happy for you, you sound so excited!

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deputyswife said...

That is great! Ya know, if you are happy, he will be happy.

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tin332 said...

Make your time with your little one as enjoyable as ever. Take the chance while your kid is young. When he becomes a teenager soon, you'll hardly see his shadow at home.

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Cityslicker Mom said...

You'll enjoy it. He's so little right now. He has plenty of time for school. the time right now is so special.

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Bridgermama said...

I am so happy for you! The everyday stuff is priceless, I cherish every moment B and I have during our days together. We never get this time back, so let's love em' up and enjoy every second of it!
so happy to hear your businesses are doing well, you are my hero!

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