I did it. Booked tix to NYC for a gal pal's wedding and my date will not be my hubby but my girlfriend whom I've been friends with since graduating from high school. This is a trip that both of us need (ah, the dramas of 30-something women, eh?) and I am sure we shall enjoy every minute of it. It will be my first time away from the boys in a very very long time... but you know what? They will be just fine. They'll have a grand ol' time ... and so will I! It's just for a couple of days. Short and sweet. But enough to maybe do just a little bit of damage. :)



Stephanie said...

Good for you! My husband daughter and I go into NYC a few times a year (we live an hour out of the city) and just love to eat in Chinatown and visit museums. Have a great time!

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Bridgermama said...

Yippee! Girl trips are the best! I am taking my first girl trip away from Bridger at the end of the month. It is only 2 nights, but I am pretty wigged out...

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