Belly's Out of the Closet

Now that the belly's out of the closet (and into maternity clothes already, mind you), I think it's okay for me to go ahead and blog about my pregnancy. Everything about it is different from my first, and when people ask me how, the one-two-punch combo of mama/preggo brain kicks in and I can't form the words.

First, I was never nauseaus with Boo. I felt great and LOVED every minute of being preggers with him. I ran into my fifth month of pregnancy with him (okay, it was really a jog every couple of weeks or so by the fourth month) and still did a little weight training. I was ravenous from the moment that stick gave me the positive sign and ate cake and ice cream EVERY SINGLE DAY of my pregnancy. I worked like a maniac and got tired once in a while (I still remember the first nap I took back then... felt very guilty). I still had my former ass, the absence of love handles and my feet were still the same size.

Fast forward to two and a half years later and here I sit, haven't worked out in quite some time and find the need to take a break after simply walking a lap around the park. I just woke up from my two- to three-times-a-week short nap when Boo is napping. Weeks 7 through 10 of my pregnancy were exhausting: I was wiped out all the time, had bouts of nausea that took over (never actually got sick, thank goodness) from time to time, and I am just now starting to dive into my love of food again after finding that nothing at all sounded good to eat for a few weeks (that was rough - I love food! And yet I didn't want to eat any of it. It pissed me off). I'm wearing maternity clothes already because my ass never really went back to the way it was and there's the lovely new layer of - well, let's just call it skin and not fat for now - all over that I never really got rid of after giving birth to Boo. I'm not even working as hard as I used to and suddenly the days whiz by me.

I suppose having a two year old home all the time to take care of does take up my days, and cause exhaustion on its own. But I am glad I am finally starting to get my energy back AND my love of food, because I was really worried there for a while.

The baby has a fast heartbeat. Hubby thinks it is a girl. I thought so, but now I am not so sure. I don't know why but I also have this unrealistic fear of twins. Neither of us have twins in our families but for some reason, the fear is there. We've only caught one heartbeat... but you never know... ack. I'm very petite. Twins would knock me on my ass I am sure for the last three months of pregnancy. Ok, must stop writing about it.

I have the nesting bug BAD, but mainly because we have lived in this house now for a year and a half and I think it's time to actually truly get the rooms all together. It looks fine, but it's nowhere near where I would call it being completely decorated.

Crap. Boo is waking up. How will life be like with two little ones in the house? I'm eager and excited to find out!


Girls' Weekend Dish

I love weddings. I love everything about them: the families gathering together, drawing in friends who haven't seen each other for years, the cake, the flowers, the vows, the dancing, the invitations (surprise), the love sweet love... My pal J got married last Saturday in NYC on a roofdeck overlooking the city and it was pure magic. She and her new groom are perfect for each other, and their families couldn't have been happier. The groom's brother gave a speech that had everyone in tears. It was evident how close the two are, and right then I think it really truly hit me just how special it would be to have another boy and for Ethan to have a brother to grow up with. We would honestly be elated with either a girl or a boy, but for some reason that night, I just felt the connection between those brothers and thought "that's it, I'm having another boy!" Of course, I bought a onesie while I was there that is a little more feminine than masculine, but whatever.

So while there was no drinking on my part this past weekend, there was plenty of drinking by others, mainly my drinking proxy, Lee (names have been substituted to protect the drunk). Lee is one of my best gal pals from high school, although we only became friends while we were in college. She is one in a million, and I'm very lucky to have her in my life...and thankful that she took me up on the trip in lieu of A who stayed home with Boo and the dog. A and Boo were going to go, but we're taking three big trips this year, and it's too much to ask folks to watch our dog for that long. Plus, we only have enough energy to fly and travel around with Boo twice this year.

It was a grand long weekend. We spent one day flying and then had dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife; then we spent a whole day shopping in SoHo and went to a cocktail party later that night where we met up with some college folks I haven't seen since graduation; then we spent the next day walking all over Brooklyn (I've already mentioned my love of the place, right?), and then went to the wedding that night. We stayed at the wedding until around midnight, hailed a cab (the driver totally didn't want to take us to Brooklyn but he did - thanks cabbie!), went to bed around 2am and then got up at 4am in order to catch a ride to the airport for our 6am flight back. It was a quick trip but a relaxing one. Much needed.

A and Boo had a great time at home. It was my first time away from him since he was a baby, and this time the transition when I got back was a little tougher for poor Boo. A was tired, understandably so, but I think Boo was confused. He kept saying "My mommy!" and clinging to me the first two days I was back. I kept reassuring him I wasn't going away again, but I was cherishing the clingy hugs since I missed them so while I was gone.

For me, the first day there wasn't so hard. The other two days weren't terribly difficult, but I felt the pull of missing Boo much more. The flight home was hard. There were kids all over the airport and a ton of them on our flights home, and I just wanted to hug my little Boo and hear his sweet little voice rattling off all the things he did that day with Daddy. There were so many times while Lee and I were walking around where I would think "Boo would love this" or "A would love this" and I wished they were there. I had a fabulous time and spending gal pal time with Lee was so much fun, but I still missed my family. I missed my dog. I'm such a sucker and can't stand to be away from them. We're all really super close, like super glue close.

I think the next girls' weekend will be nearby, like the coast or the mountains. And maybe not for a while. I can live off of girls' night outs instead for the next few months just fine but it'll be a while before I can work up to being gone for a weekend, much less three nights away like this past trip. It's fun to be away and get a full night's sleep, but really, I just love being home.

Dear Anonymous Blogger: How I wish I could be so perfect just like you...

Dear Anonymous Blogger who just left a random comment on the first of my two-part parks post from over a month ago without a name, an email address or blog link:

First, thank you very much for your comment, but really, I am a firm believer that you should only leave a comment on a blog if you are willing to leave your name to it, even if it is your fun blog name or a fancy name you just made up for yourself for the day. For instance, let's call you TRIXIE in this post!

Second, Trixie my dear, based on your comment, you obviously did not read the FULL post, nor my The Park, Part Deux: Eating My Words post, which is odd, since that one comes up first. In it, I recant my initial post about park politics, or at least, some of it. I'm a big girl: I can eat my words when I know I was wrong, or as you say, "harsh." I also acknowledge my own playground faults, something you don't seem to do in your comments...

Third, our playset in the backyard in no way replaces the park. Did you read the bottom of the post? Didn't think so. We go to the park - indoors or outdoors - every week. You seem to be concerned that I've forced my son to be a shut-in, but rest assured, Mama Trix, that my son undoubtedly gets waaaay more interaction with other kids on a daily basis than many kids do, which is good and bad. I'm just saying a playset is a nice convenient thing to have right in our backyard, and it is.

Fourth, I find your judgment of me to be quite ironic, given that you have just read one random post. Whereas the rest of us (me and other commenters) are willing to poke fun at ourselves and point out which Mom-type we tend to be at the parks (I'm still the loud one by the way but not always so much the terrified one), you seem to be passive aggressively taking the I'm-better-than-all-of-you route with your comments -- IMHO in blogspeak is really a passive aggressive way of saying "My opinion is way more important in my mind but I'm too chicken shit to stand behind it"-- but who am I to psychoanalyze an anonymous commenter, eh? ;) I like how you use an example in your comment that still makes the other mom in the example come out as a terrible mom who was "acting very thoughtlessly" only to make you shine in the story as the mom who lives each moment for her son. Newsflash for you Trix: We ALL live each moment for our sons and daughters. What the hell was that holier-than-thou little ditty about in your comment?

It is obvious, Trixmeister, that you and I do not know each other. I am usually the one who can see both sides of every situation and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, which aggravates my friends and colleagues a lot when they vent and just want me to tell them they are right in a situation. But I am human, and I do get annoyed by others, and I have a right to vent about them from time to time. Especially on my blog, which contains a million sunny, happy, hot-damn-i-love-being-a-mama, every moment is pure bliss, saccharine sweet posts and (gasp! god forbid!) a ranting post every now and then.

Everybody has a bad day, we all suck at parenting from time to time, we all make colossal mistakes in public and private, yada yada yada... we all know that shit, so is that really something that needs to be stated in a blog post after every single rant? Doesn't everybody know that already, or do you think you are the only person who realizes this?

Anywhoo, just wanted to say love ya, Trixie McDixie, so much so that I had to devote an entire post to you. I know you are thrilled that I had some time while waiting for a print job to finish up to pen this Ode to Trixie (your timing was impeccable!).

I am SO glad that you are the uber perfect mom. Someday I hope to be just like you (sigh). Kisses!

Mama M

PS - was that too "harsh," in your humble opinion? that's what ya get when you irritate a preggo woman who is normally outspoken anyway, and who spends her days and nights running after a two year old ;)


The Itch

Do you ever get the itch to move? I get it often, and my husband does as well. We've lived in the same city now for seven consecutive years, and in the same state for the past 10 years. That's a long time for us. Granted, we've lived in two different houses and four different apartments/townhouses within the past decade, but still we've been rooted in the same general region. We are restless people.

I love Portland. I really do. But as someone who grew up here, moved far far away, and then came back, I've got that typical love/hate relationship with this city. It's small - the 25th largest city in the US, sometimes the 26th - and it's slow, which given my mood can be beautiful or uber aggravating. It's clean and environmentally hip, but it can also at times be annoyingly self-righteous, contradictory and downright passive aggresively mean. The burbs are diverse, the city is not; I live in the burbs but spend 50-60% of my time in the city. It's a city full of amazing modern designers yet it's almost impossible to find awesome modern design in retail shops that's affordable AND of high quality. It's kid-friendly, mama-friendly, and has the best and most diverse selection of microbrews and wines around, which is why we're still here; nothing kills The Itch to Move more than asking the bartendar in another city what's on tap and finding out there are only 10 beers, five of which consist of crappy Corona, Coors, or Miller and the like. Oh yeah, and the majority of our friends and family are here - saved the most important for last.

The Itch has come around again, and it's no coincidence that it arrives just after I take a trip to NYC, that beloved city that never sleeps. I had never spent a lot of time in Brooklyn until this trip, and I absolutely fell in love. Kids everywhere, dogs everywhere, super cute tree-lined streets and large(r) apartments. Amazing shops and restaurants around every corner, and Manhattan is just a couple of subway stops away. Cute neighborhoods, warm and fuzzies all around, close communities...you can just feel the buzz of happy family activities in the air. Sigh. My brother in law and sister in law live in (what I think is a large space for NY) a gorgeous turn of the century building with beautiful details and great storage space. I can see my family happy there, in that neighborhood.

Alas, I must quel The Itch. Someday, hubby and I plan to take a year or so to live in Europe somewhere with the kids. That's a Must for us. That'll be the Big Itch to scratch and until then, I don't know if we've got enough room emotionally or financially to scratch the itch in a bigger American city beforehand.

For now, I'll just continue to visit my fave places with the family when we can. Girls' weekend and wedding stories to come soon... tonight I just wanted to scratch The Itch via blogging in hopes of being cured of it...for now, anyway.


Big Boys, Babies, Monkeys and Jet Planes

I have felt like writing a lot lately but haven't had time to do so, so I'll try to condense everything into this one big rambling horribly written post. You have been forewarned.

It is AMAZING being home with Boo all the time. He's so much fun and every day is one crazy fun ride. He's such a BOY too. We were driving the other day when all of a sudden I hear him say "WHOA....! Look at that mama! What''s THAT?!" I look over and see a concrete pump truck that is huge, painted bright blue and silver, with big red and orange flames on the side. Boo was totally impressed by this vehicle. I told him what it was and he nodded his head with big wide eyes and said "Wow...that's cool. That's so cool mama!"

He's very huggy and snuggly lately, which of course I just love. He's such a kid now too, talking up conversations all day long with me and anyone else who will listen. He points to things all day long and asks "what's that mommy?" and tells me all of the things he thinks are "so cool." He still sings all day long but now he really knows the words to dozens of kids songs and the other day serenaded everybody on our floor of a local kid-friendly brewpub with a very very loud rendition of Jingle Bells. He loves Thomas the Train, Elmo & Cookie Monster, Bob the Builder and Nemo. He knows all of the characters associated with those cartoons and loves reading the associated books in the car. I'll look back and just see this big book covering his face. He loves his books.

Boo looooves his grandma and grandpa too. He gets SO excited when he knows he is going to see them and I think he almost forgets about mommy and daddy when they're over at our house. It's super cute and my husband and I are so happy that he is able to grow up really knowing my parents and spending a lot of time with them. We used to see them maybe once a month but it's been more frequent lately, and as much as they can drive me crazy, it's been wonderful seeing their relationship blossom.

His memory is amazing and he'll talk about experiences we've had with specific people months after they happen. Boo also loves babies and will sometimes ask to watch the baby shows that come on the mid-afternoon on TLC. This is a good thing since he's going to be a big brother! I would have loved to have broken the news on my blog in some eloquent fashion but alas, I don't have time for eloquence and this is a blog and not a piece of literature or anything so there it is: I'm pregnant! Eleven weeks right now. It's been a weird ride so far, very different from when I was pregnant with Boo, but I am feeling good now that I am starting to take it "easy" and not running full speed ahead every second of every day.

The pregnancy is another reason we decided to keep Boo home with me now. I want him to have "his" time, and to be able to enjoy him without having my attention divided just yet. He's been so great and we've just been having the best time. It was a wonderful decision to have made and I am glad we did.

We got Boo's Halloween costume - a monkey, which is quite fitting. The face looks very much like the monkey cake I baked for his birthday this year. He loves the costume and wants to wear it all the time. Trick or treating should be fun this year!

So early tomorrow morning I leave on a jet plane for NYC for a long weekend trip. I am excited and nervous and already missing Boo. My husband is taking time off from work so he and Boo will have a boys' weekend. I am sure they will have a great time. I will be soaking up the city as much as I can with my gal pal A (magnolia bakery cupcakes, here we come!), watching my pal J get married, and visiting with my brother and sister in law. I'm looking forward to it but I also know I will be calling in to hear my little guy's voice over the phone every once in a while.

So there's my rambling post. Hopefully I will have some great stories from the trip to write about when I get back!