Belly's Out of the Closet

Now that the belly's out of the closet (and into maternity clothes already, mind you), I think it's okay for me to go ahead and blog about my pregnancy. Everything about it is different from my first, and when people ask me how, the one-two-punch combo of mama/preggo brain kicks in and I can't form the words.

First, I was never nauseaus with Boo. I felt great and LOVED every minute of being preggers with him. I ran into my fifth month of pregnancy with him (okay, it was really a jog every couple of weeks or so by the fourth month) and still did a little weight training. I was ravenous from the moment that stick gave me the positive sign and ate cake and ice cream EVERY SINGLE DAY of my pregnancy. I worked like a maniac and got tired once in a while (I still remember the first nap I took back then... felt very guilty). I still had my former ass, the absence of love handles and my feet were still the same size.

Fast forward to two and a half years later and here I sit, haven't worked out in quite some time and find the need to take a break after simply walking a lap around the park. I just woke up from my two- to three-times-a-week short nap when Boo is napping. Weeks 7 through 10 of my pregnancy were exhausting: I was wiped out all the time, had bouts of nausea that took over (never actually got sick, thank goodness) from time to time, and I am just now starting to dive into my love of food again after finding that nothing at all sounded good to eat for a few weeks (that was rough - I love food! And yet I didn't want to eat any of it. It pissed me off). I'm wearing maternity clothes already because my ass never really went back to the way it was and there's the lovely new layer of - well, let's just call it skin and not fat for now - all over that I never really got rid of after giving birth to Boo. I'm not even working as hard as I used to and suddenly the days whiz by me.

I suppose having a two year old home all the time to take care of does take up my days, and cause exhaustion on its own. But I am glad I am finally starting to get my energy back AND my love of food, because I was really worried there for a while.

The baby has a fast heartbeat. Hubby thinks it is a girl. I thought so, but now I am not so sure. I don't know why but I also have this unrealistic fear of twins. Neither of us have twins in our families but for some reason, the fear is there. We've only caught one heartbeat... but you never know... ack. I'm very petite. Twins would knock me on my ass I am sure for the last three months of pregnancy. Ok, must stop writing about it.

I have the nesting bug BAD, but mainly because we have lived in this house now for a year and a half and I think it's time to actually truly get the rooms all together. It looks fine, but it's nowhere near where I would call it being completely decorated.

Crap. Boo is waking up. How will life be like with two little ones in the house? I'm eager and excited to find out!


chichimama said...

I had morning (ok all day) sickness with my second as well. I was none too pleased about it. On the upside, the labor was much easier!

You sound about par for the course on the second pregnancy thing. Hang in there. It will all be worth it, I promise!

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shannon said...

hi marlynn, this is shannon from the beaverton-playgroup-emailing list-that-has-not-really-materialized! my previous playgroup has now dissolved and the forum has been deleted....so i'm out lookin' at new blogs and stuff and found you! anyway, i can tell you all about having 2 boys running around =) more than that, i'm pregnant again, due in may, and i totally relate to the exhaustion and eating everything in sight since i found out i was pregnant, which was immediately, and i'm growing out of my clothes every single day, and this pregnancy is totally different than the last two, so i hope it means it's a girl =) and i've totally had the fear of twins, now that i'm older and more sane and don't really wish for them anymore...whew, talk about a run-on sentence. ok, cheers for now, and all the best in your pregnancy!

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