Big Boys, Babies, Monkeys and Jet Planes

I have felt like writing a lot lately but haven't had time to do so, so I'll try to condense everything into this one big rambling horribly written post. You have been forewarned.

It is AMAZING being home with Boo all the time. He's so much fun and every day is one crazy fun ride. He's such a BOY too. We were driving the other day when all of a sudden I hear him say "WHOA....! Look at that mama! What''s THAT?!" I look over and see a concrete pump truck that is huge, painted bright blue and silver, with big red and orange flames on the side. Boo was totally impressed by this vehicle. I told him what it was and he nodded his head with big wide eyes and said "Wow...that's cool. That's so cool mama!"

He's very huggy and snuggly lately, which of course I just love. He's such a kid now too, talking up conversations all day long with me and anyone else who will listen. He points to things all day long and asks "what's that mommy?" and tells me all of the things he thinks are "so cool." He still sings all day long but now he really knows the words to dozens of kids songs and the other day serenaded everybody on our floor of a local kid-friendly brewpub with a very very loud rendition of Jingle Bells. He loves Thomas the Train, Elmo & Cookie Monster, Bob the Builder and Nemo. He knows all of the characters associated with those cartoons and loves reading the associated books in the car. I'll look back and just see this big book covering his face. He loves his books.

Boo looooves his grandma and grandpa too. He gets SO excited when he knows he is going to see them and I think he almost forgets about mommy and daddy when they're over at our house. It's super cute and my husband and I are so happy that he is able to grow up really knowing my parents and spending a lot of time with them. We used to see them maybe once a month but it's been more frequent lately, and as much as they can drive me crazy, it's been wonderful seeing their relationship blossom.

His memory is amazing and he'll talk about experiences we've had with specific people months after they happen. Boo also loves babies and will sometimes ask to watch the baby shows that come on the mid-afternoon on TLC. This is a good thing since he's going to be a big brother! I would have loved to have broken the news on my blog in some eloquent fashion but alas, I don't have time for eloquence and this is a blog and not a piece of literature or anything so there it is: I'm pregnant! Eleven weeks right now. It's been a weird ride so far, very different from when I was pregnant with Boo, but I am feeling good now that I am starting to take it "easy" and not running full speed ahead every second of every day.

The pregnancy is another reason we decided to keep Boo home with me now. I want him to have "his" time, and to be able to enjoy him without having my attention divided just yet. He's been so great and we've just been having the best time. It was a wonderful decision to have made and I am glad we did.

We got Boo's Halloween costume - a monkey, which is quite fitting. The face looks very much like the monkey cake I baked for his birthday this year. He loves the costume and wants to wear it all the time. Trick or treating should be fun this year!

So early tomorrow morning I leave on a jet plane for NYC for a long weekend trip. I am excited and nervous and already missing Boo. My husband is taking time off from work so he and Boo will have a boys' weekend. I am sure they will have a great time. I will be soaking up the city as much as I can with my gal pal A (magnolia bakery cupcakes, here we come!), watching my pal J get married, and visiting with my brother and sister in law. I'm looking forward to it but I also know I will be calling in to hear my little guy's voice over the phone every once in a while.

So there's my rambling post. Hopefully I will have some great stories from the trip to write about when I get back!


chichimama said...

Congrats! How exciting!!!!

And send me some Magnolia cupcakes, yumm. Maybe I'll have M pick me up some as a special treat...we used to go there at least once a month.

Have a great time in NYC!

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Kirsten said...

AHHHHH! I am SO excited!! We have missed you guys. I am 11 weeks too.....when are you due? I am April 5th.......congrats. Boo is going to make a great big brother!

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tales north said...

hey congrats - it seems there is babyness all over the place - I am 18 weeks now and getting big! This is number three for this household.

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Sara said...

Oh my goodness! How wonderful -- and your stories about B. are so cute. Lucy talks up a storm too and loves reading in the car. Hopefully we can finally get together soon, but until that time -- congratulations.

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Mama M said...

Thanks for the congrats everyone! I am due April 2nd. It does seem like I know a LOT of mamas that are pregnant for the second or third time around right now. Fun!

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