Girls' Weekend Dish

I love weddings. I love everything about them: the families gathering together, drawing in friends who haven't seen each other for years, the cake, the flowers, the vows, the dancing, the invitations (surprise), the love sweet love... My pal J got married last Saturday in NYC on a roofdeck overlooking the city and it was pure magic. She and her new groom are perfect for each other, and their families couldn't have been happier. The groom's brother gave a speech that had everyone in tears. It was evident how close the two are, and right then I think it really truly hit me just how special it would be to have another boy and for Ethan to have a brother to grow up with. We would honestly be elated with either a girl or a boy, but for some reason that night, I just felt the connection between those brothers and thought "that's it, I'm having another boy!" Of course, I bought a onesie while I was there that is a little more feminine than masculine, but whatever.

So while there was no drinking on my part this past weekend, there was plenty of drinking by others, mainly my drinking proxy, Lee (names have been substituted to protect the drunk). Lee is one of my best gal pals from high school, although we only became friends while we were in college. She is one in a million, and I'm very lucky to have her in my life...and thankful that she took me up on the trip in lieu of A who stayed home with Boo and the dog. A and Boo were going to go, but we're taking three big trips this year, and it's too much to ask folks to watch our dog for that long. Plus, we only have enough energy to fly and travel around with Boo twice this year.

It was a grand long weekend. We spent one day flying and then had dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife; then we spent a whole day shopping in SoHo and went to a cocktail party later that night where we met up with some college folks I haven't seen since graduation; then we spent the next day walking all over Brooklyn (I've already mentioned my love of the place, right?), and then went to the wedding that night. We stayed at the wedding until around midnight, hailed a cab (the driver totally didn't want to take us to Brooklyn but he did - thanks cabbie!), went to bed around 2am and then got up at 4am in order to catch a ride to the airport for our 6am flight back. It was a quick trip but a relaxing one. Much needed.

A and Boo had a great time at home. It was my first time away from him since he was a baby, and this time the transition when I got back was a little tougher for poor Boo. A was tired, understandably so, but I think Boo was confused. He kept saying "My mommy!" and clinging to me the first two days I was back. I kept reassuring him I wasn't going away again, but I was cherishing the clingy hugs since I missed them so while I was gone.

For me, the first day there wasn't so hard. The other two days weren't terribly difficult, but I felt the pull of missing Boo much more. The flight home was hard. There were kids all over the airport and a ton of them on our flights home, and I just wanted to hug my little Boo and hear his sweet little voice rattling off all the things he did that day with Daddy. There were so many times while Lee and I were walking around where I would think "Boo would love this" or "A would love this" and I wished they were there. I had a fabulous time and spending gal pal time with Lee was so much fun, but I still missed my family. I missed my dog. I'm such a sucker and can't stand to be away from them. We're all really super close, like super glue close.

I think the next girls' weekend will be nearby, like the coast or the mountains. And maybe not for a while. I can live off of girls' night outs instead for the next few months just fine but it'll be a while before I can work up to being gone for a weekend, much less three nights away like this past trip. It's fun to be away and get a full night's sleep, but really, I just love being home.