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We find out the sex of the baby next week! Can't wait. Hopefully baby will cooperate and we'll really get to find out. No fun filling up the bladder to be poked and prodded only to not have the baby cooperate. Boo was very cooperative during his ultrasound. He was all: here are my boy parts! Check them out! We also have a photo of him giving us a "rock on" gesture.

Boo is going to be an awesome big brother. He's really taking responsibility with his toys and his stuffed animals lately. He tucks them in, reads to them, gives them kisses, feeds them, has entire conversations with Bear, Giraffe, Elmo and Nemo. He was all excited about hearing the baby's heartbeat "on the radio" again when we went in this week for our monthly appointment.

Work is busy. Very busy. A good, great, happy but a little chaotic busy. I have too many ideas and not enough time (or personnel) to make things happen as quickly as I want them too.

Lots of pregnant mamas around these parts these days! There is a small group of us, some first time and some second and third time mamas-to-be, that is going to be meeting on a regular basis. It's so fun to be talking preggo talk with mamas again. So many of my friends tell me stories of how their second pregnancies went by so fast that they hardly had time to think about the baby. I am the opposite and am a bit giddily obssessed about this new baby that is about to enter our family. Since this will likely be our last child, and my last pregnancy, I want to embrace every minute of it. I love being pregnant, love it love it love it. Even with its aches and pains and weird side effects.

One of the sweetest PDX mamas I have met recently blogged about other people's brats. The other night we were out and one mama got upset at a girl who took a toy away from her son, and she commented on what do you do when you don't know the kid's parents. She was pretty appalled, and I think I nodded sympathetically, but I neglected to tell her that earlier I had seen her own son steal toys twice from my son while my son was playing with them. I also watched as another boy took trains away from my son, watched my son have a little scream, but then proceed to find other toys to play with. I was pretty proud of him for moving on.

Kids don't know how to play - they learn through trial and error, and while we can help guide them through consistent and firm warnings, explanations and such, ultimately it is they who decide their actions and adjust accordingly. While I will intervene if there's a kid who just bullies my kid and others incessantly (or if my kid keeps taking toys from others), I am now learning the fine art of allowing my son to learn how to share and play nicely and how to stick up for himself...by himself. The latter part I don't worry about - if he's pushed, you bet he will push back (he's my kid, after all). If the bully's mom isn't paying attention, usually one loud "I know that he hit (pushed) you honey, but hitting (pushing) back isn't right just because he did it to you first" - usually brings about the embarassed mom out of her state of obliviousness. I would hope that if my son was the bully and I missed it, someone would say something to me. Usually if he's in full tantrum mode, we just leave.

But we've all been there. We don't have a million eyes all around our head, and we're human. So when my friend was going on about this girl who took the toy away from her son, I just had to sit quietly, knowing that she had no clue that her own son had been the toy-stealer for quite some time at the train table that night.


Allena said...

Well, what is it...Are you having a boy or a girl? Just got caught up on all your news and am dying to know. Am I nosey or genuinely excited for you? Probably a little of both.

Fun to run into you at dinner the other evening.

Excitedly awaiting your announcement of pink or blue, although I know you'd never pick those stereotypical, gender-specific color schemes for your son or daughter's room, unless they picked it him or herself :)

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