Two is a fun age

I love this age that Boo is at. He just says and does things all day long that crack me up or just amuse me.

"Come on people, let's go!" - when waiting in traffic.

"All right! Come on peeps! Let's go home" - when either in the store or in the car going home

"Oh no...Be careful, mommy/daddy!" - anytime we brake anything short of very slowly.

"Oh no...Oh boy..." - when he drops something or something goes wrong

"Oh my goodness"... similar to oh boy, but this one is usually followed by him shaking his head in dismay.

"CATS! They're funny. Cats are funny" - this comes out of nowhere, really, and is followed by a throwback of his head and a giggle fit. Side note: he also thinks every small dog he sees is a kitty cat. The other day at the park a man was walking a small dog by us and Boo looks up and squeals excitedly "oooh look, mama! A kitty cat! Small kitty cat..." The man did not look amused. That's what you get for not getting a real dog, sir :)

"How YOU doin?" - he says that to women mainly, in the same tone that Joey said it on Friends. We're in trouble.

Whenever we leave a store, or anywhere for that matter, he is big on telling everyone "Bye bye! See you soon! Have a good day!" What a polite boy.

Boo is REALLY big on hugs and kisses right now. He'll just look at us and say "I want to kiss mommy/daddy" and he'll plant a big one on us. He gives kisses all day long. It's very cute. He kisses his Bear and he also gives our dog kisses. Bear is his best pal, next to our dog. He talks to Bear like he's real, and bosses him around a little, telling him what to do and what not to do. Oh yes, he's ready to be Big Brother :)

He is also really big on telling us that he loves us. It will come out of nowhere, like the kisses: "I love you mommy/daddy!" Aww... we love this age.


Beanhead said...

wow do I miss two. I wish 11 and 10 was so much fun. But no such luck. I guess I better enjoy the 5 year old while i can.

Boo sounds like a sweetie pie!

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