It's a...

Sorry to keep you all in suspense! Work is nuts, it's election time, Boo's got more energy than me right now...aaah! :)

So, it's a... GIRL!! Or so they say. Two different technicians (one a 4th year med student, the other an experienced ultrasound technician) said they saw "no boy parts." BUT neither said that they saw the girl parts either...others have said you are supposed to see three white lines or dots, which I am pretty sure I saw in that area, but what do I know?

We are SO excited, but I'm still cautious that it might be a boy. I've always felt it was going to be a girl, but with hormones raging the way they do during pregnancy, what if we're all wrong? I hear too many stories about parents who are told they are going to have a girl at the ultrasound and then come birth time it's hello penis! Of course, we'd love to have another boy too, but the massive planner/organizer in me wants to know FOR SURE, you know?

At least, if it does turn out to be a boy we have all of Boo's old clothes and things. I started buying girl clothes a couple of months ago... is that bad? :)

IT'S A GIRL!! I will come and visit you all soon once the madness of the next few days dies down.


Andy said...

Congrats! We're excited about having one of each as well.

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Chichimama said...

Congrats!!!!! How exciting!!!!

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Anonymous said...

So exciting, so happy for you. Should I pack up our girl clothes with your name on it? :)
By the way, I tried to respond to your comment on my post, but I don't have your e-mail address that I can find; could you send it to me?
Take care!

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~Cathy~ said...

Wonderful news! Little girls are so much fun... most of the time! LOL They do have their drama queen moments that almost make ya loopy!


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Allena said...

Very, very exciting. Thanks for sharing the news. Congratulations, mama. Being a woman who's worked for you, I know you'll be an excellent role model and mother to a daughter.

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Rica's Mum said...

Congrats..So many girls this year...You bet Cathy... little girls are really fun... you can really dress them up and stuff

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deputyswife said...

Oh how wonderful!!! Congratulations!

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Debby and Tory said...

I convinced myself I was having a boy and didn't find out. Then when I delivered, the doctor told me to look and I swore I saw a penis. The doctor told me to look again and magically it was gone! I was secretly relieved! The very fact that you are concerned about raising a strong, confident woman shows that you most likely will. Good luck from someone who doesn't know you!:)

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Two Sirius said...


They said I was a boy. If they were right, then I have bigger problems than I thought I did. But then, that was way back in the day when there was no ultrasound and it was considered perfectly fine to x-ray unborn babies.

Good times!

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elena jane said...

congrats, and if you saw the 3 white lines, it is a girl! i made them look over and over and OVER again! girls are wonderful, a big change after boys tho ;-)

visiting via a few blog link overs....

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