Blogging Blahs

Hmmm...it appears to have been one month and seven days since I have blogged on this particular blog. I am debating about whether I should keep going on this one, or whether my other blogs fill my needs appropriately. We just started a private family blog, since quite frankly, it's been tripping me out lately when I meet people in town and they assume things about me and think they know me so well just by reading this blog. It's been bugging me. And creeping me out a little. So I haven't written.

But today, here I am, hunkered down during the crazy wind and rain storm we are having tonight. It started where we live in the mid-afternoon. The lights have been flickering on and off for several hours - not a lot, just every once in a while. I'm worried about some of the stuff we have in our yard that might go flying. The winds are wicked strong. I was in the garage and it sounded like the garage door was going to be whisked away.

I'm pretty tired right now, not necessarily because of the pregnancy, but because the last month has been a little crazy busy. Isn't this time of year always this way? I'm feeling great overall, and feeling like it's time I get into some organized exercise of some sort after the start of the new year. Hubby and I want to do marathon training after the baby is born and I doubt my cleaning the house and lugging Boo to and fro counts as hearty exercise.

We're all psyched for the baby. She's growing strong and moving around a lot. Boo loves her already. Today he said he wanted to see her, and he kept saying it while I kept explaining he wouldn't meet her for a few more months. I really love being pregnant, and I am a little sad thinking that this is likely the last time I will be (we've talked about being a two-kid family).

Maybe I will keep this blog after all and just write here and there. There are things I can't write on the family blog that I'd feel more comfortable writing about here, and vice versa. Same goes for my other blogs. Each serves a different purpose, I guess. To blog, to blog...