Week 30: am i ever going to sleep again?

i haven't slept well at all this week. 4 hours last night. the same the night before. i'm up and i can't get back to sleep. doesn't help that this week is super busy and i'm running around all over town for meetings, playdates, supplies, etc. doesn't help that my son has chosen this week to totally come out of his shell and become mr. social, gabbing it up nonstop with strangers, running around all over the place like he just got new batteries, being defiant (in a sweet voice but defiant nonetheless), and running away from me when it's time to go. i'm beat. super duper tired. my whole body aches and i just want to hibernate in my house for at least 72 hours without any obligations and a magic fairy who takes care of my son and keeps him occupied.

being pregnant the second time around really is harder, like everyone says, because we've got this other little person to take care of and because my body is just not the same as it once was.


We're getting there...

This week I enter my third trimester! Holy cow, how did that happen so fast!?!

I'm back after a brief absence. Sorry - anyone miss me at all? :)

Here are some pics of the baby's nursery. We painted it lime green, fuchsia and orange. It's very bright and cheerful in there. We used Yolo paint (a locally-made, no VOC paint) for the green, and Miller (another local, no VOC) paint for the fuchsia and orange.

Now keep in mind that the closet is filled with clothes that are 0-12 months. I'm a little freaked out about the idea of having to go clothes shopping with a three year old and a baby in tow, so I'm trying to be uber prepared. Plus, I've been nesting since day one of this pregnancy. I expect it to be a busy year, business wise, so I am also trying to do what I can, when I can, so I don't get ambushed with too many business needs and too many new baby needs all at the same time. We'll see how that goes!

We still have a lot of designing and decorating of the nursery to do, but the bulk is done for the time being. We have most of the Big Stuff we need, except I can't find the bassinett anywhere and we planned on using that again for the first three months. Where could it be?

Then my other main Gear issue is a stroller, or rather, the two stroller dilemma. We need a double stroller that will work for walking/going about town, and another double stroller for jogging and marathon training. I've been researching pretty heavily the last few months and am pissed off that there isn't ONE stroller that works well for both. We love the Phil & Ted's but it's not really built well enough to handle jogging/running. We are thinking about the BOB for a double jogger, but it's way too bulky to use for everyday jaunts about town. I know that for quick trips I will use the Baby Bjorn or sling for baby and can just use our regular stroller for Boo, but pushing a kid in a stroller and having a baby in a sling/carrier for long periods of time does just not sound comfortable or reasonable. Ugh.

The baby industry is a sham, I tell you. Just like there's no ONE diaper bag that fits all occasions...oh, don't even get me started on the diaper bags! :)

Happy New Year, fellow bloggers. May you all be well!