My daughter is teething. Hard. She got her two bottom teeth a few months ago and for the past week she's had three top teeth coming in at the same time. I'm sure that's gotta hurt like a mother f&Sxer but does she have to practice using them while nursing? She has bitten me sooooo many times and HARD! I tell her "no biting" in a stern voice and then take her off and don't let her nurse again for a while when she bites, but she seems to think it's hilarious and just tries to bite again a few hours later. She's nutso. Meanwhile, she's never really taken the bottle (as much as we have tried steadily for all 9 months of her life!) but you better bet I am willing to do what it takes to cut down on the nursing now. I'm thinking a morning and nighttime nursing schedule only, with either formula or pumped breastmilk in between along with her solids, but in reality I am not sure how it will all work.

The fact that she seems to revel in my pain makes me think we're in for several fun years of mischievous behavior with this one...!


New Year, Old-Is-New Blog

I'm baaaaack!

It's been a year since I have posted on this blog. This, the first of what would be many, many blogs of mine. My original baby blog. I walked away and now I am back. It is time. And it feels SO good to be back!

Why am I back? I have no idea, other than I want to be, and isn't that the best reason for blogging? Because you WANT to, and not because you feel you HAVE to? I no longer feel compelled to come up with interesting/witty posts to hold the interest of fellow bloggers out there. As the mama of now two little munchkins, I just want to write about them again. And things. And whatever. If you would like to join me (or rejoin me) in this blog again, I thank you. If not, I don't mind closing the virtual door and saying adios. I've got lots of other blogs, including a private one for friends and family, but now... now I feel like it's time for this one to come back. I have two kids - Boo is now 3.5 (the "half" part is very important to him!) and my littlest one, whom we'll call Tickle for now, is 9 months old. Nine months already! I was only 30 weeks pregnant the last time I wrote in this blog, and it feels like it was just a month ago! Oh what a pair, my little munchkins. I love the little buggers more than chocolate, and I am eager to start writing about our days together on this blog again.

So here I am. New year. New blog. Sort of.