New Year, Old-Is-New Blog

I'm baaaaack!

It's been a year since I have posted on this blog. This, the first of what would be many, many blogs of mine. My original baby blog. I walked away and now I am back. It is time. And it feels SO good to be back!

Why am I back? I have no idea, other than I want to be, and isn't that the best reason for blogging? Because you WANT to, and not because you feel you HAVE to? I no longer feel compelled to come up with interesting/witty posts to hold the interest of fellow bloggers out there. As the mama of now two little munchkins, I just want to write about them again. And things. And whatever. If you would like to join me (or rejoin me) in this blog again, I thank you. If not, I don't mind closing the virtual door and saying adios. I've got lots of other blogs, including a private one for friends and family, but now... now I feel like it's time for this one to come back. I have two kids - Boo is now 3.5 (the "half" part is very important to him!) and my littlest one, whom we'll call Tickle for now, is 9 months old. Nine months already! I was only 30 weeks pregnant the last time I wrote in this blog, and it feels like it was just a month ago! Oh what a pair, my little munchkins. I love the little buggers more than chocolate, and I am eager to start writing about our days together on this blog again.

So here I am. New year. New blog. Sort of.