anniversaries and the great weaning challenge

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary, although this year we will have been together for 15 years. Holy cow that's nuts. I feel old. I don't know who that is in our wedding photos. Having kids definitely ages you! :)

In other family news, I'm trying to start to wean our baby girl but she's not stopping without a fight. She is fine during the day: nurses in the morning and then again at night and that's it, but she still wants to nurse during the night. I'm tired. My back hurts. I just want the magic wand to wave and presto! She's instantly weaned and sleeps through the night with no problem!

Yeah. If any mama out there has a baby/toddler/kid under age 3 who honestly sleeps 12 hours a night without waking up once at all, then either
a) you're lying
b) you have a robot child
c) my mama friends and I all hate you and don't want to hear it