Out of his shell

Baby Boo is no longer a baby. He'll be FOUR this summer! Damn. I remember being out at a playdate with him last year when he just turned three. He was still very hesitant for the first, oh, hour or sometimes hour and a half, of being anyplace new or anyplace with lots of people or anyplace after a nap. He clung to me. He whined. He threw magnificent tantrums that made me want to stand up and clap with a hearty "Bravo!" after he was done. The tantrums were truly acts worthy of Oscars. A mama friend with two boys stood by my side at this specific playdate and said to me kindly, "You know, my son was the same way and he didn't really come out of his shell until he turned four. Then it was like a switch was flipped and he is now this outgoing, cheerful child."

Hmph. I am a skeptic. Especially of fellow mamas' advice because I've learned that I breed the kids that like to throw all common advice that works for every other kid out the window with a defiant "HA! Take that, stupid advice! You won't work with ME!"

But then, something happened. In the last few months, a switch was flipped, and the son that my husband and I have known since he was born has finally started to come out and play with the rest of the world outside of our house. Boo has always been loud, hyper, cheerful, imaginative, super playful and hella funny at home and with us. Now he is this way everywhere we go. It has been amazing to watch, and it almost makes me tear up now as I write this. Almost. The caffeine shooting through the IV right now to get me going in the morning is drying out any tears. But I digress. Having others now see the amazing little boy that we have always known is such a treat. Watching him go about his entire day with such confidence now -- it's the best high I could ask for right now.

I'm so proud of you Boo. You've really come into your own. And it's like my mama friend said, right around your 4th birthday. Except like the rebel you are, you came out of your shell a little earlier. Good for you, my man.