I am officially my mother

Please slap me now. Here is a list of horrible awful things I have said in the past few months that I swear come straight from my mother's mouth, but there they are, coming out of mine. Help!
  • Today, to 3.5 yo: "You should eat ALL of the waffle. There are kids starving and don't have anything to eat and they would love the edge of that waffle!"
  • "I will turn this car around if you keep it up!"
  • "Fine. Then you can get out and walk home. Do you want me to stop the car so you can walk home?"
  • After the 314th time of asking me what something is:"Why don't you go ask daddy?"
  • "Don't sit too close to the TV or it will hurt your eyes." (even though I just read that in fact, sitting that close to a tv will not, in fact, hurt anyone's eyes)
  • "Can you please turn that music down? It's too loud!"
And my all time favorite that both my husband and I have used:"Because I said so. That's why."

It is official. I am old. And I am my mother.


Dinner Dilemmas

I'm at that point again. You know which one. The one where I sit at my computer (because I am always at my computer) trying to figure out what to make for dinner and every idea that pops into my head is met with a big fat "no." I hate this point. It comes around every few months, nagging me, taunting me, teasing me with what a Bad Mama I am for not having snazzy dinner ideas each night.

We definitely have our standbys: Filipino turkey burgers (only Filipino because I made up the recipe and I am one), spaghetti and turkey meatsauce, penne with sausage and peppers, homemade chicken fingers, mediterranean vegetable soup, pork chops, meatloaf, ribs, chicken pasta salad. We used to have kung pao chicken and chicken marsala as part of our repertoire, but those are too tedious to make with two little kids.

I'm also not a slow cooker person, and neither is my husband. One-pot dishes in general are not for us.

So what's left? What's super easy and tasty and somewhat healthy? If anyone has dishes that are part of their Tried-and-True dinner list, please share!


Girl, Stop Screaming please!

So how come nobody warned me about the girl scream? Oh my friends warned me about the girl squeal... but nobody warned me about the girl SCREAM.

Baby Tickle screams. Loudly. Shrieking might be an appropriate description. It is high pitched, sharp, and very, VERY L-O-U-D. She screams when she wants something and can't have it right NOW. She screams when brother Boo grabs a toy away from her. She screams when she's happy, sad, mad, you name it. It's deafening. It can, as my husband says, probably shatter glass.

I am investing in Costco-sized tubs of migraine meds...


Happy Birthday Tickle!

Today is my baby girl's first birthday. It is 1:30 in the morning. I just finished making her food and packing it up for her to take to our nanny share tomorrow. I posted on our family blog. I am looking at her baby pictures and getting all weepy and it's freaking me out because I am not normally weepy. But here I am. A ball of mess either because it is 1:30 in the morning and I am totally exhausted or because I really can't believe our baby is one year old now. Maybe because of both.

I've returned to this blog because it is where I write about being a mommy, and while I can write a little about that on my other blogs, they are all for someone else. For entrepreneurs, for business news, for others. This one is for me. I get to write about how much I love/dread/worry about being a mama, and all of the fun/crazy/annoying/insane things my kids do to fill our days. I keep this blog because being a mama is what consumes me the most, and because it is the part of my life that holds the most change and activity. Today I am just proud to be a mom to two kids who really are the greatest kids I could have ever hoped for. They make me smile like nothing else in the world. They are my world. And there are two of them now, both getting to be so big and so much their very own little people.

Tickle has always seemed older to me, to my husband, and even my parents keep mentioning that she has always seemed older than her age. She was born with these wise expressions, and from the moment she opened her eyes it seemed she could focus clearly on the world around her. Maybe it's because I know we are not having more kids that I am weepy today; not because we're not having more kids (lord, I am cheering that notion!) but because Tickle is the last baby in our house, and she is really almost no longer a baby.

Tickle's eyes light up whenever someone she knows and loves walks into a room, and then she breaks into the biggest smile you've ever seen, and her whole body jumps from excitement. Her laugh comes so easily and is so honest and large that it resonates in my head for hours later, making me smile. She is adventurous, fearless, but smart; she'll try anything but her every moment is well thought-out and precise. She is a great eater and definitely has my appetite. At one, she is already eating us out of house and home, and it makes this mama proud. She is loving, affectionate, and kind. She will race across the room to hug her brother. She rests her head on our shoulders and wraps her arms around our necks so affectionately it takes our breath away. She is our baby, but I think in many ways, she takes care of us sometimes instead of the other way around.

Happy birthday, baby girl. We love you more than you could ever know. Now get ready for some amazing cupcakes! We're sure you will eat them up! :)



Holy cow. Ticke turns one tomorrow. Been a lot of places today and every single place we went, I was asked how old she is. It's like the fates are playing games with me, as if I need to be reminded that my baby is turning one. Tomorrow. She is ONE. TOMORROW. I need a valium. Or Scotch. Maybe both.