I am officially my mother

Please slap me now. Here is a list of horrible awful things I have said in the past few months that I swear come straight from my mother's mouth, but there they are, coming out of mine. Help!
  • Today, to 3.5 yo: "You should eat ALL of the waffle. There are kids starving and don't have anything to eat and they would love the edge of that waffle!"
  • "I will turn this car around if you keep it up!"
  • "Fine. Then you can get out and walk home. Do you want me to stop the car so you can walk home?"
  • After the 314th time of asking me what something is:"Why don't you go ask daddy?"
  • "Don't sit too close to the TV or it will hurt your eyes." (even though I just read that in fact, sitting that close to a tv will not, in fact, hurt anyone's eyes)
  • "Can you please turn that music down? It's too loud!"
And my all time favorite that both my husband and I have used:"Because I said so. That's why."

It is official. I am old. And I am my mother.