Birthday Week

Behold: It is the eve of Birthday Week in our household. The week in which hubby and Boo turn one year older. The week in which I transform magically into Super Wife & Mom and perform all domestic and Social Activities Director duties with grace, poise, and execute birthday celebrations with absolute perfection.

Snicker. I'm SO not that this year.

I have always loved entertaining. This, naturally, I blame on my mother. Along with my annoying habit of laughing at everything, a little too much sometimes. Along with a million other quirks I don't care to take responsibility for. My childhood was a blur of parties, always at our house, always with tons of 100% homemade food, always with tons of people whom I grew up thinking were all related to me but in fact some were just random people my parents happened to meet that week because they are THOSE kind of people. They'll invite strangers over for breakfast in pajamas if it meant another excuse to cook for other people. It's what makes them happy.

Fast forward to 30-some (ahem) years later, and here I am. The Mom. I plan all of our family activities and coordinate every last detail of our family celebrations. And this year, while friends and family may foolishly believe I have everything all wrapped up, it is just my masterful art of smoke and mirrors. Hubby's bday is pretty much taken care of. His much-too-expensive gift is not only purchased but also already opened and being enjoyed (begins with "i" and ends with "phone" -- get your Father's Day gift from an AT & T store near you since stupid Apple is all sold out because of the self-created hype surrounding rumors of a soon-to-be-release iPhone 2). Plans are made, and babysitters secured.

Boo's birthday, on the other hand, is the reason I am taking next week semi-off of work. We're going to the beach (his idea) for a dinosaur beach birthday (odd combo but he's brilliant because it works), and we have our time and our rooms reserved. That's it. What kind of cake to make? What about food? Games? Who's coming for sure? Who will show up completely as a surprise and throw my entire planning off?

The one piece my son won't let me skimp out on? The cake. I made the mistake of making cakes in cool shapes and decorating them somewhat elaborately (for me anyway) each year, and this year he's banking on something cool. I'm thinking a dinosaur egg, that should be easy enough, right? Oval shape, make it look cracked, put a dinosaur in the middle like it just hatched. Hmmm...think I just solved that problem by blogging. See? Blogging does help!

Here are past cakes. I am sure you, dear reader and likely fellow Mama, create much better concoctions than my amateur attempts pictured here. Just humor me and say "oh yes! these ARE lovely! You ARE a fun mama!"

CARS cake for 3rd Birthday:

Monkey cake for 2nd Birthday:

Animal Cookies to go with Jungle Theme:

Tractor Cake for 1st Birthday:

Yeah, I can say "F#*! it" and pretend to not worry, but I think I will always have this cloud of expectation hanging over me, that I'm The Mom and my kids' birthdays should always be up to a certain level of cool. Who makes up these levels? Society? Other moms? If we all banded together and said "Enough! Let's just forego the birthday party madness all together! Who's with me?" then maybe I could say "F#*! it" and really mean it. But then, part of me WANTS to be The Mom who does all this cool stuff. And then another secret part of me sort of (gulp) LIKES doing this kind of crazy Mom thing.

Oh, the ridiculous things that keep me up at night. I'll post pics of whatever cake I end up making. Or pics of the pizza that we end up ordering in because I forgot to bring the cake to the beach, which is always a possibility with me!


Ann said...

I love your cakes.
Your son has a great idea for a party theme.
I hope the weather holds for a beautiful beach trip.

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marlynn said...

Thanks Ann. I hope the weather holds up too! It's pretty crazy lately, eh?

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