Boo the Barber

On Monday, I was typing a quick email out to a client when I see Boo out of the corner of my eye next to baby Tickle at their kids' desk in the office. He has a pair of his kiddie scissors in his hands. He's putting them away. But I see no paper in his hands. He loves to cut and paste shapes that he makes with his crayons and markers and give them to us as presents. He did not do that this time. I look at baby, she seems fine. A few minutes later, email is sent, I kneel down to play with baby Tickle and notice a lock of hair on the floor. It's not a lot, but it definitely did not fall off someone's head: no, this hair was cut off of someone's head. Boo, meanwhile, is now chatting about being the "Hair Cutter."

Me: Boo, did you cut your hair?
Boo: (smiles) No, I did not.
Me: Did you cut your sister's hair?
Boo: (smile gets bigger and eyes are beaming with pride) No, I didn't...
Me: (holding up lock of hair) Boo, whose hair is this?
Boo: It's Tickle's...
Boo: But her hair is getting long! She needs a haircut!

I couldn't help but smile. It was the first real big brother/little sister form of torture/rivalry/pranks, whatever you want to call it, that he had exhibited. The first of thousands to come, I am sure.


Ann said...

Hi Marilyn!
I found you through Mom Bloggers Club.
I really enjoy your blog!
I'm also in Portland. And since it's dry at this moment I should probably go outside and do something, right?
I'll be checking back with you.


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