Happy Birthday, Boo!

Dear Boo,

Today you are FOUR years old. Holy cow, how time flies! Remember when you were this little?

No? Well, I do. And so does your dad. We remember it well. I remember the first moments a little bit better than your dad did, since you came kicking out of me. Knew then that you were going to be a lively one, and you have not disappointed! You've made every day since that first day four years ago so much richer, much livelier, much more meaningful.

Now look at you. Four. A big kid who loves music, dinosaurs, spelling out random words throughout the day, and making people laugh. Above all, your mission in life is to make people laugh and we are most definitely enjoying this part of you. Your silly faces, funny voices, and crazy antics keep us entertained for hours. Your singing and playing songs on the play piano bring lots of beautiful sunshine to our days and nights. Your sweet hugs bring us so much joy each day.

We wrote more on our private "letters to the kids" blog, but we wanted to give you a public happy birthday note here too. Happy birthday, dear Boo. We hope you have a lot of fun during birthday week!

Mama M & Papa A