It's Official: Everything Will Kill Us

Because I am a former journalist and because I've delved into stories in the past where both sides had amazingly credible research to back up their polar opposite findings, I usually tend to hold back with caution about media-hyped stories that ignite fear in the general public, particularly fear in parents and the elderly - the media and government's two favorite fear targets. Global warming? I totally back that up: it's serious, and if we don't do something about it soon, our grandkids won't be able to enjoy this beautiful earth of ours. BPA in sippy cups, food containers and other materials around our homes will kill us? Not likely, and in this recession (and it IS a recession you moron dufus Dubya. Just call it that already and go back to your catnap on the couch with your Coors Light), I'm not apt to throw out -and thus add to landfills with more harmful chemicals!- and then buy a ton of brand new $20 SIGG bottles for my family of 4. I'm sorry, but I'm not.

Am I concerned? Hell yes! But I'm also tired. Aren't you? I'm tired of the recalls, tired of the stream of studies that shows everything we've been using, breathing, eating, smelling or even thinking about is somehow bad, bad, bad for us. If I got totally wrapped up in every single fear-inducing study that shows something I am using or eating is bad for me, I'd be one neurotic, f'd up mother. Ok, maybe I am already that, so see? I don't need the studies to add to the neurotic already within me.

I do love the SIGG bottles. Who doesn't? And I am going to actually go get a couple more. They're adorable, and from hubby's homeland. That they're safer for us and better for the enviroment? Total awesome bonus. I'm just saying that I am tired of getting whiplash from the back and forth in the medical community and the retail world. It's good for you, now it's bad for you. It was bad for you, but now it's good for you. This study says only trace amounts of BPA actually are digested by infants on a daily basis and there is no evidence to believe those amounts cause any long-term harm; then this other study begs to differ. Yes, it's good that more studies are done, and that the news is reporting these things more than they did when our moms were raising us. But I also want to go one day without being told that everything I have, eat, use, look at is somehow, in some way, going to poison me or my children. Is that so much to ask? One day, please.

In the meantime, this is the article that I personally found the most helpful in finding alternatives to BPA baby and toddler bottles.


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Karrine said...

It's the "they showed me a study thats says it causes harm and then the other one showed you one that says it doesn't" debate. Everything from what we do eat how we parent. I agree sometimes I just want to tele-port back to the 60's so my life isn't so regulated !

Great Bog, I would love to see it at herblogdirectory.com

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