At first I was afraid, I was petrified....

...blah blah blah, the point is I survived my first kickboxing class! (And, um, don't tell anyone this, but I secretly really, really liked it! Yikes!). Now, my body still hurts like a mo-fo, but I'm lovin' the pain. I feel it in areas that need to be worked out, so that means those problem areas will be gone after the next class, right? I'll be svelt and confident and magically transformed into the 6-foot skinny make-up wearing blonde who dares to stand in the front of the class, right? (I still don't get wearing make-up while working out, especially a super sweaty work out, but that's another post...).
So for at least another week, I say: Bring it on, crazy happy, punching, kicking, high-fiving kickboxing instructor! Bring it. As my Lightning McQueen-loving 4 year old would say, "KA-CHOW!"


Nicole Orriƫns said...

Hi Marlynn,

I found your blog through Momsalon, and it looks beautiful.

Though normally not a big fan of pain, I also like the feeling of whipping my body into shape and the accompanying soreness makes me feel like it's working.

For me it's through running, which I blog about at http://www.momshomerun.blogspot.com


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marlynn said...

thanks for dropping by, nicole! I really do like running too. now if only I could magically flatten the huge hills around my house so I'd get at least SOME reprieve during jogs! :-)

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