Our Anti-Summer Camp Summer

Boo is now home an extra day from preschool, so he goes 3 half days instead of 4 from now until September. This means one less work day for me, which means more madness in the house in general, but during the summer it seems like juggling everything is less of a hassle and more of a joy. It may not be the lazy, hazy days of summer around our house, but it certainly feels like lighter, happier, more carefree days...even as busy as our days are.

I debated about signing Boo up for summer classes: swimming, soccer, music, art. But signing up for the classes we want for the days and times that would work for us is always a huge headache, and in the end, I decided against any formal camps or classes. Boo just turned four; he's not 12. He already goes to school and has that structure, and during the summer his preschool has mini "camps" anyway. I truly believe that as a society we tend to overschedule our kids. I am a big believer in letting kids be kids: let them enjoy a lazy day here and there of just hanging out in the backyard collecting bugs, waking up with no set schedule and seeing where the day takes us, not having to be anywhere at a certain time. Even if I can give Boo two of these days a week, or even just one day with no plans, I notice that he is a much happier soul. And as much as we know kids crave schedules, I also want Boo and Tickle to grow up knowing that most days you just need to roll with the punches and see what happens. The ability to schedule but the flexibility to change: that's what life is, right?

So here we are, on a sunny Monday morning, hanging out having breakfast in pajamas. Boo said he wants to print out more pictures for his photo album, the mini travel album that we made for him when we travel places so he gets excited about the people and places we're going to see.
That's the only thing on our "agenda" today. Granted, I've got a million things to do for the businesses, my formal revised biz plan to finish up before I meet with my business counselor this week, and I should probably clean the house, but whatever. Those things can wait and they'll happen in due time. Today we're just going to breathe and enjoy just being. I love summer!

Tickle stopping to smell the flowers: