Photo Friday: My Morning

In the 4 years I have been blogging, I believe this is my very first Photo Friday. Crazy, I know! I decided to do a storyboard of the things I wake up to each day. So here's a little glimpse into my mornings...

I wake up first to my alarm on my BlackBerry:

Hubby wouldn't let me photograph him this a.m. so this is a shot of his t-shirt this Friday morning. Don't take offense, people :)

Then our silly, LOUD, very much morning people kids are in my view:

And our Lab Retriever:

Coffee is King in the a.m., shown here in a mug given to me by our nanny last Christmas:

Roses from our garden on our buffet:

Have a great Friday and happy weekend, everyone!


Lara said...

I'm jealous...a mug given to you by your NANNY! how lovely...sigh!

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marlynn said...

she loves coffee as much as I do -- it works out well :) isn't it a cute mug that she got, though? the color matches everything in our house.

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Anonymous said...

I love the shirt! Now, nobody attack me...

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