Calling Super Nanny

The time has come. Our nanny's fall school schedule isn't jiving with our family/my work schedule, thus we're (who are we kidding, I am) on the hunt for a new part-time nanny for my baby girl. I am grateful that I have two months to find one, and that I am lucky to have a lot of great resources in the area, but I am still not looking forward to the search. It's worse than hiring employees, which I actually love doing; it's asking complete strangers to come into my home and to love and care for my flesh and blood as much as I do. And to try not to kill the dog. Or to eat all of the bagels.


My dear daughter has never gone through this kind of transition before, so I worry what it will be like for her. My son, who will only be hanging out with the new nanny for less than an hour at a time after school, will most definitely put the new nanny through his test of wills, but I think he'll be fine. It's my sweet baby girl, who has really gotten attached to our current nanny...she's the one I worry about. She's been super clingy lately, and she's not normally so. I worry that at this stage of her life, it is a more difficult time for this kind of emotional transition.

But such is life. And I have to remember that she's a tough girl. She'll be fine. Right?


I've put the call out to friends and family, but have yet to hit Craigslist. I really don't want to go that route. So far I have one great lead, and I feel like I must have done something really great in a past life to have this lead so soon in the search. It's almost too good to be true. But will it work out? We shall see. I'm trying not to get too excited. She sounds great. But hiring a nanny puts me in both the interviewer AND the interviewee spot: I need to like and approve of her, but she needs to like and approve of us too.

The thing about hiring a nanny is that it's not just the kids that get attached. I do too. And while I love change, transitions, new beginnings, I truly suck at saying goodbye. I can't do it. I get attached to people I chat with in line at Starbucks, so imagine the attachment I get to the people who come into my home a few times a week and care for my children.

Well, wish us luck. And if anyone knows of a great part-time nanny in the Portland area, let me know! :-)