Foto Friday: My Secret Love

I love pretty things. Paper. Coasters. Shirts. Bags. Laptop Skins. If I see a color combo or pattern that makes me happy, I have to have it, regardless of what it is. Most of the time, my purchases make sense. Sometimes, they don't.

Like my secret love of fabrics.

I could spend hours in a fabric store. The eye candy is just too much for me and I have to buy a few yards. Just a few. Because you never know. I may just buy a sewing machine one day and actually, um, sew something out of the beautiful fabrics I purchase.

I have cut out patterns and my mother, the seamstress, has made some t-shirts. Shirts we were and possibly still will sell through my design studio but for now just adorn my two kids. Sometimes I think about pillows. Pillows were always easy. I used to sew: pillows, blankets, skirts, shirts for my dolls, stuffed animals. It's been a long, long time.

I keep these in a cabinet in my office for design inspiration, and some framed on our living room wall because they're just too beautiful to hide away. Someday they will all be out in the world in varying shapes and sizes and uses...for now, their main purpose is to keep the creativity flowing and just simply make me happy.