Garage Sale Revelations

On Saturday, I started this lovely, poignant post about our garage sale and the beacons of light that beamed down onto my overloaded soul and filled it with such inspiration.

But it's the end of Monday now, and I don't have time to finish that bullshit so here's the short list of what I learned from our garage sale on Saturday:

1. "Things" really don't have sentimental value to me as perhaps some should. As we were putting out Boo & Baby Tickle's teeny tiny baby clothes, I would remember their itty bitty little selves writhing around in their cribs those first days, months in those outfits. But then onto the racks or bins they went. The new open spaces in all of our closets? Heaven! I hate clutter, apparently, more than I love what should be sentimental memories.

2. It really is nice to live close to family. I can bitch about how my parents set back months of working with Boo about the value of money within one 2-hour babysitting timeframe in which they taught him that if he's simply"good" he gets tons of quarters for his piggy bank (grr...). I can complain about my mom always forgetting things I tell her or my dad still trying to tell me how to do things that a stupid monkey could do, but when it comes down to it, having my parents and brother live about 45 minutes away is very nice. It's great to watch our kids grow up with fond memories of their grandparents (they LOVE their grandparents), and to grow up playing with their cousins. And we really couldn't have had that garage sale without them there to help. My bro & SIL and nephew stayed the whole time! On a beautiful Saturday! We didn't expect that at all so a big huge THANK YOU to them.

3. Never underestimate the power of a clean garage. I've seriously walked in and out of there, with it all clean and organized and corners where I am no longer afraid to reach for things for fear that something might bite me, and I've been as giddy as I would be after finding a fridge full of chocolate truffles. A clean garage gives me hope. For what? I don't know. But it does.

4. I'm a pushover. Big time. What's that? You say you want to give me just 25 cents for that almost brand new toy that costs $55 on store shelves right now? Ok! What a great idea! Take it! You look nice! And apparently, I can't say "no"!

5. I hate garage sales. Too much work. Cleaning, organizing, pricing, staging, negotiating. Next time? All of our friends and family can come over for an open house sale and just let us know if they want to take any of our older stuff. The rest goes to charity. We were pooped after just a one-day sale. I'm still pooped. So pooped, I'm going to bed. Good night!