The Magic of Mirrors

I'm a sarcastic person by nature. Hubby and I like to have verbal wit duals sometimes, and he usually wins, but I can spar verbally with the best of them. But sometimes, I'm rendered speechless, and it's almost always when I look at my kids.

Today was a normal day, which means abnormal, because there are no normal days in our house. Woke up at 5:30am, showered, got dressed, packed up my stuff, and headed out the door for a 7am meeting 45 minutes away. Wore a suit today, which has not been a part of my normal routine at all since I left the corporate world 3 years ago, but I was speaking at this meeting so I suited up and put my game face on (whatever that is, I don't even know anymore!). After the meeting, I met up with hubby who drove the kids into town, switched cars, dropped off the deposit for my new office space, then headed to the bank to sign papers to help pay for said new office space. It was still early, about 8:45am, so it was quiet at the bank. But by 9am it got louder, thanks to my kids' comfort level with the bank growing. We waited. and waited. and while we waited and waited, the kids started running around the bank. Baby Tickle kept cracking up at big brother Boo. They played tag and chased each other. As I signed papers and talked numbers and equipment, I would catch a glimpse of their reflection in windows and monitors around the bank. They were so happy. So free. And so darn cute.

Finally papers were signed, and off we went to run more errands. More laughter in the car, and I'd catch them in my car's "conversation" mirror, grabbing for the other's hand, making faces at each other. Boo kept trying to explain things like a big experienced brother, while Baby Tickle just listened intently before throwing her head back and giggling the most amazing belly baby giggle. I am surprised I got us home safely: those conversation mirrors are addictive and probably why my neck hurts most of the time.

Life in our house truly is crazy right now, and I mean crazier than the normal craziness. There is so much happening, most of it good, but there's SO much of it, all at once. I don't have any downtime, none, and that's ok because I know it's temporary. What keeps me sane is catching glimpses of my kids throughout these super crazy days. My mind may be elsewhere but then suddenly I'll catch a glimpse of them, or hear their laughter, see their smiles, and suddenly the world stops. I stop. Even if it's just for a moment, it's beautiful and comforting and grounding. These magical moments remind me that the decisions I've made are the right ones, that as hard as they can be to work through, the reason is always worth it. To see my kids, to hear my kids, to hug and kiss and tickle my adorable breathtaking little people makes everything, everything worth it.