Rockstar Cuties

Today was an amazing day with the kids. They were both just rockstars and sure they had their moments when we were out and about, testing me and trying to get my attention by whining while I failed miserably at attempting to hold conversations with fellow adults, but all in all, we had a super fun, silly, big hugs all around kind of day. We danced, sang songs at the top of our lungs, made beautiful drawings and made up great crazy stories, made all of our regular errands fun adventures, and we just had so much effin fun today, that it really set the tone for the rest of the week. So are you listening, Tuesday through Sunday? You'd better live up to the wonderfulness that was Monday, or else I'm kicking ya back to last week, when you all sucked!

Which is why I didn't blog last week. Because it sucked. But this week....ah, I feel the change in the air already, thanks to my super rockin kiddos. I love you two more than the moon. And chocolate. Yep, that's right: even more than chocolate.